A UFO expert prevented a “mass invasion of UFOs” that would have triggered a state of extreme panic

UFO researcher Nigel Watson says he came across an international plot to deceive people in the UK, America, France and South Africa by flying dedicated drones over major cities.

‘Unidentified flying object expert’ says he’s discovered and prevented a hoax alien invasion

An unidentified flying object expert says he prevented a rogue alien invasion that was so organized that it would have sparked mass panic.

Nigel Watson has written several books on aliens and is an expert on the subject, so he was concerned about what he had read online, the Daily Star reported.

At a public forum for drone pilots, there was a plan for people to decorate their crafts with lights and fly over major cities in a coordinated “invasion” to trick people on April Fools’ Day.

If the plan had gone ahead, Nigel said, people around the world would have believed aliens were in fact invading, and it could have caused mass panic.

Nigel Watson has written two books on UFOs


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“Back then, it was public, but now you have to be a member,” said Nigel, who wrote flying objects in World War I and was captured by aliens.

“I don’t agree with lying. However, some people have secretly performed hoaxes to ‘scientifically’ test the reactions of UFO investigators and the public.”

Hoax organizers asked drone owners around the world to install LED lights on their devices and move them to areas where the public can see them at a specific time in April 2014.

It will look very convincing from a distance


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At least 30 drone hobby groups have participated, in the USA, UK, France, South Africa and the Netherlands.

Nigel says the hoax was originally scheduled for April 1, but the date was later changed to April 5 “so it wouldn’t sound like an obvious joke.”

Nigel wrote about the deceptive plans but due to an unfortunate misunderstanding he was briefly suspected of being behind the plot himself.

However, by spreading the hoax, he encouraged the drone operators to abandon their plan.

The hoax could have caused a mass panic


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With social media to boost the effectiveness of any hoax, there is no way of knowing how far or how quickly the news will spread.

Nigel says that one or two UFO hoaxes were performed in the Warminster area years ago.

He speculates that one of these experiences could be behind his “vision”. Nigel describes himself as an “optimistic skeptic” and has a strong interest in UFOs but has never actually seen it.

He said: “My closest UFO encounter was in the late 1970s, when I visited the famous Cradle Hill near Warminster, which was a hot spot for UFOs in the 1960s.

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“A group of us went up to Cradle Hill to look for UFOs, but we saw nothing frightening but the eyes of sheep gazing into a nearby field. Only when we were driving to Frome did we see a UFO in the distance.

“Besides two other cars, we stopped on the side of the road to watch a group of lights slowly fly towards us, it looked like a scene from close encounters of the third kind!

“After a few minutes, much to our disappointment mixed with relief, we heard the sound of the engines and saw that the body was a balloon with lights attached to it. If it hadn’t come close, we would have been convinced we had seen a flying saucer.”

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