An overlooked reason why leaders should extend Terry McLaurin

Like countless NFL fans, Washington captain Terry McLaurin is mourning the death of his friend and longtime teammate Dwayne Haskins, who passed away Saturday after being hit by a car.

Before the tragedy, the rhetoric surrounding MacLaurin was about his impending contract extension…or the upcoming free agency. Going into the final year of his junior contract, McLaurin is eligible for an extension, but Ron Rivera has recently made it seem like neither side is in any rush to strike a deal.

Those comments did not resonate with the fan base, which desperately wants MacLaurin to spend the remainder of his fame at Ashburn.

Negotiations are likely to begin after the draft and mid-July stands as the most realistic timeline for a potential deal. After all, that was when Jonathan Allen signed his four-year, $72 million extension last season.

We don’t need to sit here lauding McClurin’s talent and overcoming the reasons why Washington should extend him. You’ve all watched him play these last three seasons. With improved QB play, he was destined to earn superstar status.

This is a clear. Yet another overlooked reason why leaders should extend Maclaurin? Unlike other big-name receivers, the previous third-round pick has remained out of the limelight despite the contract expiring after 2022.

An overlooked reason why leaders should extend receiver Terry MacLaurin.

Last week, Deebo Samuel unfollowed the 49ers on Instagram. This hybrid receiver/playback has had the problem of removing most of the 49ers-related content from its profile page.

Among the highlights of the 2019 stacked class, Samuel is clearly indignant at his current contract and is demanding his contract on a public podium. While Samuel deserves his money after amassing 1,770 multi-purpose yards last season, this isn’t the most professional way to do business.

On the other hand, MacLaurin didn’t make a peep.

Elsewhere, trade rumors surrounding the Seahawks’ DK Metcalf and Titans’ AJ Brown, two other phenomena from the 2019 draft, refuse to subside.

Admittedly, the two mega stars didn’t fuel the rumours, but their constant tweets didn’t calm fans’ minds either. The same can be said of the Steelers’ Deontay Johnson, who revealed a tweet with vague words on Saturday.

Go and take a look at McLaurin’s Twitter page. From honoring the late Dwayne Haskins, showing love to his former Ohio teammates during the Combine, and retweeting a post from Washington announcing the re-sign of Cam Sims, McLaurin has never been one to create a stir on social media.

The same can be said about contract demands. Does anyone have any idea what the 26-year-old is looking for annually or in warranties? no. Insiders and VCs are speculating based on the current market, but MacLaurin appears intent on keeping everything behind closed doors.

Johnson is said to be seeking $90 million over five years, and Samuel has his sights set on becoming the highest paid non-quarterback.

Additionally, Davante Adams heavily armed his way out of Green Bay after denying a record-setting contract, and Terrick Hill was given permission to seek a deal after the Chiefs could not pay more than what Adams’ Raiders had given him.

The trend ends with McLaurin. Don’t believe us? Despite his desire for a contract, McLaurin is expected to report to Washington’s off-season voluntary training program on Monday. Samuel and Brown will reportedly take an alternate route.

In addition to being a great wide receiver, it handles the field class, including in front of the media, and is one of the faces of the franchise. These are all reasons why he deserves an extension to Washington.

The fact that MacLaurin does not stir up drama on social media, upset the atmosphere within the organization or intentionally leak his demands to establish influence in negotiations are also strong reasons.

Don’t lose sight of it.

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