Anthony Rizzo will help the Yankees himself if he gets vaccinated

The season is pretty young, but New York Yankees first-team captain Anthony Rizzo got off to a solid start in the opening series against arch-rivals Boston. Become the first Yankee He’s had two or more RBIs in each of his first three games of the season since then Joe Dimaggio in 1949.

A flashback to last July, when the Rizzo was purchased from the Chicago Cubs on its July trading deadline. Once again, he positioned himself in the same breath as Dimaggio. Join the Yankee Clipper as the only member of the storied streak to score five or more runs and lead in two or more innings in your first pair of games with the club. Rizzo went 9-for-32 with three home runs in his first nine games at Yankee Striped. Then the unvaccinated first base officer contracted COVID, went to the sidelines and dwindled along the expanse.

“He obviously caught fire as soon as he got to us, and I think COVID in many ways … cut off the climb he’s been on,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said.

“I think it took a while to get back physically because he kicked him out for two weeks physically. It kind of killed some of the momentum he was building. I totally expect Anthony [to have] A really good opportunity to spend a year in line with what he’s done in his career, which is a lot of production.”

Last season, Rizzo openly admitted that he had not been vaccinated, and expressed a high degree of skepticism about the vaccine. Before the start of the season, he refused to announce his vaccination status, saying only, “I don’t think we really have to worry about any of that. We’ll see what the states are. I’m not too concerned.”

Pressed on the topic, Anthony Rizzo preferred to keep his fictitious information private, citing the “backlash” he received online last year for disclosing his unvaccinated status, and saying he should do more research on the issue.

In terms of his “don’t worry about” attitude regarding his vaccination status, it is possible, though unlikely, that he would have had the vaccination. His arrogant attitude toward his situation likely refers to New York’s local laws regarding private sector employees.

If he is vaccinated, the rest of what we will say here does not matter. However, he probably isn’t, and therefore, we have to say that he deceives himself, his teammates and his fans. Last year, he contracted Covid, right when he was on a hot streak, and ruined his season. It could happen again this season. This is why you see Yankees fans tweeting things like “Anthony Rizzo if vaccinated, he’s the best baseball player.”

or “I’ll drive Anthony Rizzo to CVS myself to take the shot”

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