Can Scotty Scheffler stay at the Masters?

Will Scottie Scheffler shut things down at The Masters? GOLF Editors Discuss.

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Scotty Scheffler is leading the 86th Masters, but his five-stroke lead that he held after 36 holes has been scaled back to three. Schaeffler sits at nine, and chasers include Cameron Smith (six under), Songjay M (four under) and Shane Lowry and Charles Schwarzl (both at age two). Justin Thomas and Corey Conners (both under one) are the only players who are still on a par. Who will win the Master’s come Sunday night?

Sean Zack, Senior Editor (Tweet embed): Scotty got it. Book it. Even when it was absolutely bad this week, it was very good. Case in point, this ghost from hell to heaven is made on the 18th day.

James Colgan, Assistant Editor (Lord save her): You are all welcome to choose against Scotty, but you would be wrong. The man enters the Masters on Sunday by three games and only two players within six shots of him. Not all Sundays for Masters are created in a chaotic manner, and neither will it.

Scotty Scheffler at The Masters on Saturday

Sunday Masters is about to be more exciting than you think


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Jessica Marksbury, Senior Editor (Tweet embed): I want to believe in my Scotty, but we all know that Sunday afternoon at Masters is a different animal, and a three-shot pillow is basically nothing. Schaeffler’s latest play has overshadowed Cameron Smith’s stellar season to some extent, and I think he’s under the radar enough to play a calm, complex, and groovy ride tomorrow to claim the green jacket.

Dylan Diether, senior writer (Tweet embed): It would be so boring if everyone picked the guy with three shots, wouldn’t it?! It had Cameron Smith oust Scheffler, with long runs from Corey Conners and Rory McIlroy sending everything into temporary chaos.

Nick Piastovsky, Senior Editor (Tweet embed): my silence. The shot he hit at 18 — after pinning the tee shot, looking for his ball, talking to the base official, cleaning up pine straw and foliage (but not dirt!) and dropping the ball — showed what has made him great over the past few months. Three wins.

Josh Berhow, Managing Editor (@josh_berhow): Wow, that’s so many choices for Scottie Scheffler? Well, I buy too. He’s been the best player all week and hasn’t shown any signs of unraveling in any of his recent victories. Three shots are enough for me to believe he’ll make it. But man, Cameron Smith has been on fire lately, too. This thing can turn very early. It must have been a blast.

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