Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat preview and thread: Can Bulls get an ‘elite win’?

Chicago Bulls (45-32) vs Miami Heat (49-28).

Can DeMar DeRozan Drop 50 Points Every Night?

If only that could be true, maybe the Chicago Bulls could find a way to beat the Heat. The Bulls 0-3 against the Heat this season and the last two games haven’t been particularly close.

The bulls’ quest to avoid the seventh seed is looking a lot brighter these days. The Cavaliers have lost quite a bit recently and the Bulls are now three games away from them with five games left.

Of course, the last four bull matches are not easy. To be honest unless they choose to rest initially before the playoffs, the Bulls probably won’t beat the Heat and Milwaukee Bucks. Same with the Celtics….maybe. Their last two games were against the Charlotte Hornets and the Minnesota Timberwolves, which aren’t easy matches either.

The Bulls are now close to the Toronto Raptors but they do have tie breakers. So the Bulls still have a lot to play for the rest of the regular season. Plus, beating one of the Bucks, Heat or Celtics teams over the next two weeks would be huge for the Bulls given how much they have struggled against the top teams this season so far.

The bulls will face a four-year drought. All about the remaining GPS playoffs of this regular season. Although, to be honest, the Bulls don’t match well with any of the top four teams in the Eastern Conference.

I imagine we’re cheering for a first-round match against the Boston Celtics? Probably the best out of a lot of bad choices, right?

The rematch will be the last time the Bulls played the playoffs. Is there any obscure rule we can hunt down Cleveland Cavaliers’ Rajon Rondo to help us beat the Celtics in the playoffs this year?

Injury report:

Zach Lavigne is on the report with his long-term knee problems, but it’s “possible.”

As for The Heat, Max Strus, Caleb Martin and Bulls-killer Gabe Vincent are dubious.

game time: 7:00 GMT NBC Sports Chicago

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