Coinllectibles (TM) teams up with Kiwi Arts Group to offer three limited-edition images of William John Kennedy from Andy Warhol on Coinllectibles (TM) MetaMall

SingaporeAnd April 12 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Coinllectibles™, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cosmos Group Holdings, Inc. (OTC: COSG) Collaboration with Kiwi Arts Group to bring three limited-edition images of Andy Warhol Signed by famous photographer William John F. Kennedy. Kennedy Have a special relationship with Andy Warhol She was able to capture the private and public person in a series of wonderful photos. The three pictures are:

  1. Warhol Flowers I1964, Flushing, Queens, New York city. “….You had Black Eyed Susan, six feet tall. I knew right away that I had to shoot him [Warhol’s] Paintings of flowers and himself in this wonderful environment. I loved her. So I went to the door and said, What is here? Oh, he said, this is an escape from the fire.”

  2. Andy Warhol With a Birmingham Race Riot sandwich plate1964, at the East 47th Street Factory Fire Escape, New York City “…With the Alabama race riotsAnd I was trying to think, right away with very exciting thoughts regarding Andy and the work, I finally decided, I’m going to involve him completely physically in this artwork.”

  3. Warhol Holdings Marilyn Acetate I1964 at the East 47th Street Factory, New York City. “He pulled this acetate-wrapped picture out, unwrapped it, and sure enough, featured this huge picture of Marilyn… perfectly merging his and hers.”

William John F. Kennedy was born in 1930 in long island And he passed away in 2021. Throughout his career, Kennedy He pursued his personal interest in fine art photography and into the early 2000s, he developed a full body of work from his travels within the United States as well as around the world. Kennedy It was introduced to Warhol at an exhibition of Americans at the Museum of Modern Art in 1963 and they became friends photographing a series of important portraits. Kennedy The most interesting set of works, a set of negatives and transparencies he took Andy Warhol and other artists rediscovered in the mid-nineties.

Kiwi Arts Group has a close relationship with Kennedy It has collected an important set of missing negative archives from 1963-1964 taken from Andy Warhol Plus other artists in Warhol’s circle. A documentary film called full circle: Before that they were famous About the Lost Archives of William John F. Kennedy. Neil BukatzA partner in the Kiwi Arts Group, “We have had a long relationship with William John Kennedy which led us to work with the Andy Warhol Museum on a film Kennedy And an opportunity to celebrate this exceptional photographer and the special relationships captured in his original work.”

Commenting on the partnership, Toby O’Connor, CEO of Coinllectibles™ said, “I really enjoyed understanding how William JFK was able to capture these special moments in time. The work Neal is doing to bring William JFK’s work to more people. This is significant and we are pleased to present a small number of these wonderful limited edition works.”

An online session will be held to discuss the work of William John F. Kennedy April 20 at 14:00 GMT.

More details about Coinllectibles™️ and the three limited edition images of Andy Warhol It can be found on Coinllectibles™️ MetaMall at

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