DC Delays Ezra Miller Flash Movie Tie In Brickwell

Warner Bros. Sparkle It was supposed to star Ezra Miller as a pivotal movie for the DCU. When taking advantage of the DC multiverse, Sparkle It could have helped the studio reset its own superhero universe in the wake of the director’s drama, Zack Snyder’s DC Universe, and bad journalism. But now it seems Sparkle He may be on the verge of resetting himself, after Ezra Miller’s recent arrest and legal troubles.

Directed by Andy Muschietti, Sparkle Not only was he slated to star as Miller as Scarlett Speedster. Sasha Calle also casts Supergirl and features Ben Affleck and Michael Keaton’s revenge as their very own


While fans were frustrated by the film’s rescheduling from November 4, 2022, to June 23, 2023, Miller’s latest arrest only led to additional questions and uncertainty.

After rumors of an emergency meeting at Warner Bros. As Miller’s future was discussed in the studio, there were reports that the film’s comic book was disengaged due to the use of Miller’s likeness. But now, one comic book has provided a revealing update.

DC Delayed Flash Comic Book Prequel


In response to reports that The Flash: Fastest Man Alive Canceled, comic book author john ferrera Confirmed that comic equalizer for Ezra Miller Sparkle only to Later this year:


“No, it’s going to be printed later this year, so there won’t be a gap between the comic and the movie.”

It was scheduled to launch later this month on April 26, The Flash: Fastest Man Alive It is now expected to hit store shelves in October and ahead of the film’s current theatrical release in June 2023.

This three-issue comic book is intended to be canon and serves as a sort of precursor to the Miller movie. Between its pages, readers can expect The Flash to work with Batman and face a new villain called Girder.

While fans speculated that the delay was likely due to the need to alter the comedy to match the changes in the film, Ferreira denied such allegations in Twittersaying


“They didn’t ask me to change anything in the comics..”

No flashy or flashy decisions from Warner Bros.

Despite the drama surrounding it SparkleMain star, this comic book postponement appears to have been due to the movie being delayed compared to recent news. Currently, it appears that Warner Bros. She intends to move forward with her multi-elbow movie with Miller at the helm.

The studio will likely feel that time is on their side as the general public is likely to forget about the current news cycle by 2023. If so, it will still be interesting to see how Warner Bros. cope. With the film’s marketing and whether or not more focus was placed on Keaton’s return to the Hood and the film’s additional cast and crew.

However, this does not mean that change is not in sight. The recent merger between Warner Bros. and Discovery to a change of leadership and determination to halt any decision-making regarding support films.


So, despite her appearance Sparkle Go ahead, that doesn’t mean that the new heads of Warner Bros. They will have a different plan in mind later.

Despite it being a movie about speed, any answers or changes regarding this problematic saga will likely be slow to emerge.

Sparkle It is currently set for a June 23, 2023 release.


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