Fans and players pay tribute to former Ohio State QB Dwayne Haskins at vigil

Columbus, Ohio (WCMH) – The Ohio State University community wraps their arms around each other as they honor and remember the life of legendary quarterback Dwayne Haskins.

The 24-year-old was injured and killed while walking on a highway in South Florida over the weekend.

Soon, fans began assembling a memorial to him at Ohio Stadium, which led to a vigil at Horseshoe on Tuesday night.

Those who were on the vigil said that Haskins would always have a special place in this and all the other societies of which he was a part.

A special performance of “Carmen Ohio” was shown in the rotunda at Ohio Stadium, where current and former players, community members and fans came together to honor Haskins.

Seeing all these people here really spoke to my heart because I love Dwayne,” said Frank Milliken, a senior Ohio State official. “I wanted so much for him. It is so sad to see his life taken so quickly.”

Gather in front of flowers, candles and love letters on the Haskins number. A few number 7 T-shirts were hung at the memorial, with more worn throughout the crowd.

“I bought this when he was starting and I’d say this year, I’m going to wear it in every game to honor him for sure,” said Rob Perkins, a Buckeyes fan.

Haskins broke several team and conference records as he started quarterback at Ohio State for the 2018 season. Those who knew him said that he was selfless and that he was just an amazing person off the field.

“Dwayne was the greatest person you could ever meet,” said Columbus resident Brian Fogel, a big Ohio fan known as “Backy Brian.” “He had the greatest smile. He always lifted people up as soon as he entered the room. He had that smile.”

Vogel has a photo of him and Haskins the day before the quarterback game that helped Ohio State win the Rose Bowl. That picture is not part of the memorial.

“He was just a player on the team, and a good friend,” Vogel said. “He had great talent, a big arm, and a great person in general.”

Chris Fields, a former recipient of Ohio State, was one of several Buckeyes members who spoke at the vigil, saying that Haskins was like a little brother to him and would live up to his legacy.

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