Fvio Foreign’s first week forecast, 42 new Dugg x EST Gee projects

Fivio Foreign’s latest project is heading to debut in the Top 10 list.

According to an early prediction shared by Hits Daily Double, the Brooklyn rapper Bible It is expected to sell 29,000 units in its first week. This number would put Fivio at number 10 on the US charts, a respected position for MC’s debut effort.

Biblewhich arrived nearly two years after Fivio’s 2020 EP 800 BC, 17 songs, including the singles “Magic City” with Quavo and “City of Gods” featuring Kanye West and Alicia Keys. In a recent interview with Complex, Fivio shed more light on the years-long recording process as well as the meaning behind the album’s title.

Album label Bible It was like a metaphor. The Bible is made up of a whole bunch of stories from people — huge stories — and things that happened,” he explained. “When you read it at some point in life, you can learn from it and deal with your life through the Bible. I feel like [album] It is kind of like that. It’s a whole bunch of stories in my life. People can relate to it, and there is a lot of motivational bullshit to take away from my life […] I feel like I’ve been working on this album my whole life.”

42 Dugg and EST Gee joint venture, last piece lefton the right track Bible By 3,000 units, that puts it in slot No. 11. Just like the Fvio version, the co-op effort spans 17 tracks and includes a number of guest appearances by EST Zo, Tae Money, and 42 Cheez. last piece left Arrived on the heels of the rapper’s latest full-length project: 42 Dugg’s Free Dim Boys and EST Gees’ Greater than life or death, pt. 2.

According to HDD, there are quite a few projects vying for the number one spot on next week’s chart. night your turn 7220 Expected to take the lead with 46,000 units; However Charm The soundtrack is only 2,000 units late, while Morgan Wallen’s Dangerous: the double albumJack White Fear of dawnAnd Olivia Rodrigo sour 43,000 units are expected to be moved.

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