‘Game of Thrones’ star Maisie Williams said she “resented” playing her character during puberty

The Starks family could put up with anything, but when it came to Arya’s teenage years, “Game of Thrones” had to slow down actress Maisie Williams’ puberty to reflect her character.

In an interview with GQ UK, Williams revealed that she “resented” her popular ‘GoT’ character during her teenage years.

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“I think when I started becoming a woman, Arya resented that I couldn’t express who I became,” Williams said. “Then I also resented my body because it was not in keeping with my piece that the world celebrated.”

Williams was cast in the hit HBO series when she was 12 years old in 2009. Unlike her sister Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), Arya of Williams rejected the social norms of femininity and instead chose to learn how to fight, eventually going undercover as a boy to escape the persecution.

Williams previously told 60 Minutes in 2019 that she had to wear a “puberty reversal belt” when Arya pretended to be male. “I was about 15 – like, I kind of just want a boyfriend, honestly,” Williams said at the time. “I don’t want to wear this.”

Now, as she tells GQ, Williams has admitted that while she’s fondly thinking of the show, she’s not complaining about returning to “Game of Thrones” anytime soon.

“I don’t think it’s healthy [to miss it]”Because I loved it,” Williams said of the series that wrapped 10 years later in 2019, because I loved it. But why would I want to make myself feel sad about the greatest thing that ever happened to me? I don’t want to associate that with feelings of pain.”

She added, “I’m not saying [a revival] It’s never going to happen, but I’m also not saying that in this interview until everyone goes, ‘Sub show! he is coming! Because it is not. It has to be the right time and the right people. It must be true in the context of all other child elements and the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe. This should be the time for me.”

Williams instead focuses on expressing herself more through the roles she chooses after “Thrones”.

“I quickly realized that it was more to do with shame being at one thing good and doing nothing again, than asking myself: What do you want me to do now?” Williams opened up.

She fully embraces her femininity in Hulu’s upcoming FX series “Pistols” by Danny Boyle. The origin story of the Sex Pistols is set in 1970s London, with Williams playing model Jordan (as Pamela Rock). The role required nudity, and Williams admitted she was reluctant to audition, “just because of everything that’s going on in the industry and all the horror stories I’ve heard…I want to be on this show because I’m the best person to do this, not because I’m the only girl who’s going to hold her head.”

She said director Boyle told her that “Jordan was a political statement” that “turned the male view of itself in a sexually overt way that made others feel ashamed.”

“If I lift my jersey, I want to make others feel uncomfortable,” Williams added. “I never needed to feel any kind of way. Jordan was never confrontational. She just knew what, and if things didn’t go well, she would say.”

“Pistols” premieres May 31 on Hulu.

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