Gilbert Burns wants Shimaev’s fumes to return the courtesy and agree to a five-round rematch

Gilbert Burns is looking for a rematch against Khamzat Shemayev after them general fight The competitor at UFC 273 last Saturday at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, Florida.

Burns finished second in welterweight prior to the event, while Chemayev sat 11th. Against his better judgment, Burns agreed to take on a serious challenge at the Bowers. Now, Durinho thinks he owes the kindness of a five-round rematch.

During an interview with TMZ Sports, Burns claimed that his work with Shemayev was not over yet. The former welterweight title contender said:

“I don’t want to take advantage of those 15 minutes. It was real, it was a lot of heart, it was intense, [and] It was intimacy. I don’t want to take any of that. I think the referees are doing what they have to do, but I’m just thinking we’re not done. Pampers and I should see each other again. Someone has to come down next time, I don’t care how many rounds we need there. Someone got to quit next time, so now I want to return the compliment.”

Burns also revealed that he asked for a five-round match when he initially agreed to fight Bowers. The Brazilian thought two more rounds were in his favour, but his request was turned down. He said:

“I think it was too close. I don’t want to take a bit of a bummer, he was a warrior at that.” [cage]. I just think we’re not done. We have to do it again. I was No. 2 in the world and I fought No. 11. I accepted the challenge but asked the UFC to do five rounds. It ended with three rounds.”

Watch Gilbert Burns’ interview with TMZ Sports below:

Shemaev’s Khazam responds to Gilbert Burns

It wasn’t long before Shimaev’s bums heard Gilbert Burns’ call. The Russian-born Swede posted a message to Burns on Instagram, apparently inclined to accept the challenge he faces. Chimayev wrote:

In 5 rounds I’ll take your soul See you soon boy

Check out the Instagram post below:

Although Chimaev kept his undefeated record intact, Burns definitely shattered his indomitable aura. Having been injured only once in his first four fights in the UFC, ‘Durinho’ tagged ‘Borz’ with 119 important hits and brought him down with his resounding right hand in the second round.

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