Henry Cejudo hilariously blames Ian Gary for stealing his nickname ‘King of Disturbance’

Henry Cejudo recently gave his opinion of Ian Garry’s performance in the UFC and the way he interacted with fans during his octagonal post-fight interview. He argued that the Irish had usurped the throne of the “King of the Cringe” that once belonged to him.

“The Future” appeared in a welterweight match against Darrian Weeks to complete the preliminary UFC 273 ticket. He managed to outrun weeks over three rounds and came away with a unanimous victory.

The judges scored the contest 29-28, 20-27, and 30-27 in Gary’s favour. With his win over Weeks, the Irishman scored his second win in as many fights in the UFC. Moreover, he boosted his unbeaten record to 9-0.

In a Twitter post, Henry Cejudo blamed Garry for taking over as the new ‘King of Cringe’ after the Irishman tried to lure crowds at the VyStar Veterans Memorial Arena to sing ‘Olé Chant’ during an octagonal interview with John Annick. The hymn is popularly used by football fans across Europe.

Catch an octagonal post-battle interview with ‘The Future’ with John Annick below:

Check out Henry Cejudo’s Twitter post here:

“That’s it, my neighbor Ian just stole my title of King of Embarrassment!”

That’s it, Ian Gary just stole my title of King of Disturbance! #ufc273

Ian Garry hopes to emulate Georges St-Pierre

In the wake of his decisive win over Darrian Weeks, Ian Garry revealed that he hopes to follow in the footsteps of UFC legend Georges St-Pierre during a chat with Megan Olivier for ESPN MMA.

Inspired by the way St-Pierre beat fighters at their own game, whether it was hitting or wrestling, Gary revealed that he hopes to do the same.

“As we grow, I also have to do what [Georges St-Pierre] Act. I also have to beat people at their own game. I also have to eliminate the wrestlers. I’m going to start to outsmart the attackers and I want to be, I want to be able to do absolutely everything to anyone on this planet and come with time, Megan.”

Check out Ian Garry’s interaction with Megan Olivi here:

On the heels of a relatively uninspiring win against Weeks, Gary has repeatedly admitted he has plenty of room to grow. However, given the fact that the 24-year-old has barely 9 fights under his belt, Dublin still has time to hone his craft.

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