Henry Segudo is too young to fight Alexander Volkanovsky

Michael Bisping thinks challenging Alexander Volkanovsky is a bad idea for Henry Segudo.

Nearly two years after hanging up his gloves, Cejudo (16-2 MMA, 10-2 UFC) announced that he has rejoined the USADA drug testing pool and wants to take on featherweight champion Volkanovsky.

But Bisping, the former UFC middleweight champion and now an analyst and commentator, believes the former UFC flyweight and heavyweight champ would be at a size disadvantage if he were to fight Volkanovski (24-1 MMA, 11-0 UFC).

“Yeah, great, I dream big, the problem is you’re not that big,” Bisping said on his YouTube channel. “You’re not old enough to fight Alexander Volkanovsky, I don’t think so. I was 125 for some reason, you became the champ there. I went up to 135, which is only a 10 pound increase. Moving up to 45, that’s a 20 pound increase (and ) When you’re a shorter guy that’s a big percentage of your body weight and we saw a picture of him lately looking a little plump, a little in shape. Yes, he can get heavy, maybe he can get up to 160, who knows? Heavier, but is that your ideal weight?

‚ÄúThere is a reason to pick a 125, there is a reason why it goes up to 35. Maybe getting 125 was too hard, maybe 35 was his normal weight (but) 45, things start to come out of the weight needed, from the max point, where you are overweight which leads To slow you down which will eventually make you weaker. In the short term it makes you stronger, it makes you heavier, but as the fight progresses and you get tired and you carry all that extra weight around your midsection and what not, that becomes a pain in the ass.”

Volkanovsky exits a dominant performance by Chan Sung Jung at last Saturday’s UFC 273 main event. The featherweight champion, who has competed all the way at 170 pounds in his MMA career, has stated his desire to move to lightweight for a second UFC title.

So with Volkanovsky’s recent rise in the pound-for-pound rankings, Bisping thinks Sejudo should try to reclaim his never-lost bantamweight title instead.

“Alexander Volkanovsky is the man,” Bisping added. “He beat Max Holloway twice, beat the ‘Korean zombies’ with style, and made it look easy. Before that Brian Ortega, what a fight, what a performance. The guy is incredible. Volkanovsky has a 23-1 record, I don’t think Henry Sejudo will be the man.”

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