In honor of Dwayne Haskins, Washington legal cases and more

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The football world was shocked over the weekend when the Ohio State superstar, former first-rounder with Washington and Pittsburgh Reserve QB Dwayne Haskins was killed after being hit by a car in Florida at the age of 24.

Charles Robinson & Eric Edholm Open the podcast that remembers Haskins’ short career, think about the outpouring of love for the player and how the media covered this tragedy.

Later, Charles and Eric remain in Washington where they discuss recent allegations against Washington’s leaders. On Wednesday, the Congressional Oversight Committee tasked with investigating the franchise issued a memo alleging theft of deposits from season ticket holders and misidentification of ticket revenue that should have gone to the league. With the walls closed on Dan Snyder, will the NFL impose an unprecedented penalty on the owner of Washington?

Next, Charles provides an update on the last 22 civil suits facing Cleveland Browns QB Deshaun Watson. There will be commentary hearing on these issues from August 2022 through March 2023, Charles explains what happens next as this story will likely continue into the next year and beyond.

Finally, join Charles and Eric, former Atlanta Falcons scout Roderick David, who discusses what it looks like inside every NFL war room at this time of year, what year-round exploration looks like for college players and shares his thoughts on who might be selected. Number of potential clients later in this month’s draft.

Former Ohio State and Washington and Pittsburgh Steelers QB captain Dwayne Haskins died over the weekend at the age of 24 (Photo by Michael Aliu/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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