Jack White had the biggest Friday of his life as he did it all in one day

Jack White may have had the most important day of his life last Friday, making four huge moves in his professional and personal life in the span of a single day.

For those who forgot, Jack White was the lead singer and guitarist for the duo The White Stripes, the sixth greatest duo of all time for all of Rolling Stone.

White’s Friday might be his biggest Friday in a long time because of the big checkboxes he’s been putting out at night.

Jack White’s new album “Fear of Dawn”

The 46-year-old rocker started his day with the release of his new fourth studio album, “Fear of the Dawn.”

The American songwriter rated White’s latest album 4 1/2 out of 5 stars, noting that “the vibrant, caffeinated production and pulsing acoustics help blast these shows into a dress of faded magic, raucous intensity, and massive music that we’ve come to expect from Jack White.” project.”

After doing so, White opened the Detroit Tigers’ season by singing the national anthem.

This is the first time that White has played the anthem at Comerica Park in Detroit. He’s also in town where you’ll perform a series of performances at the Detroit Masonic Temple.

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Jack White married Olivia Jean on stage at a concert

Just when everyone thought Jack White had already had his big day, he kept going so far as he popped the ring to propose on stage 80 minutes into his set.

White asked his fiancée Olivia Jane, a singer on the third man tag who had served early in the evening as the opening show for his concert, and surprised everyone with a marriage proposal in the middle of a performance of “Hotel Yorba.”

“I have a little question for you, Olivia Jane. Will you marry me?” White asked. In the Detroit Free Press, Jane noted that she’s flush with yes, her face in tears. The two finished the song, and White Jean happily carried off the stage.

While fans thought it was the climax of the night, the two returned to the stage for a full wedding.

White’s mother and Jean’s father rushed to the stage in the middle of their wedding vows to witness the magical musical moment unfold.

Ben Swank, the top man in the “Third Man” label, presided over the wedding, while bands Wyatt and Jean were best man and maid of honor, respectively.

Jane is White’s third wife to date as he married White Stripes collaborator Meg White in 1996 and model Karen Elson in 2005.

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