Jack White on music in the age of the Internet

It was a wild rock ride Jack White, who just dropped one of two new albums on fans for 2022—plus a tour in support of the release—plus a surprise wedding on the tour’s opening night in his hometown. Just before the tour starts, White calls to speak with Audacy’s Laszlo Church About new music and more.

Listen to the chat below, check out your favorite Jack White tracks and more Daring‘s white stripes radio

White officially began his current supply chain tour at Detroit’s Masonic Temple Theater on Friday with an extended lineup that includes his singles and more. white linesAnd racontourAnd dead weather. In the middle of the evening Jack called his girlfriend, Olivia Jane, to perform “Hotel Yorba,” then stunned the crowd by asking, “It was a great day, do you mind if we get married now?” His wedding onstage, which you can see in these fan shots, topped off a glamorous day that also included a stop at a soccer field in his hometown to help the Detroit Tigers celebrate Opening Day.

“It’s great to be back in Detroit to start it all, and to do it the day the album came out; the Tigers opened the house on the same day to play the national anthem that I’ve never done before,” White says. “It’s been a busy day, so far.”

After a bit of talk about baseball, the crew took a look at the music of the early 2000s, which can undoubtedly be described as one of the defining moments in alternative rock, and the overall golden age of rock and roll in general. Most fans and critics (including the Laszlo Church staff) would put Jack White at the top of the era’s musical pyramid, wondering if he was confident that others would follow in his pioneering footsteps.

White explains, “It was like every ten years. Rock and roll, for example, would be reborn every 10 years. I got out in the wild in the mid-1950s, and then kind of walked a little bit. Then the Beatles It turned out and got wilder again, and after another 10 years, it was Punk who gave a complete rebirth. And then 10 or 12 years after that it was Grunge, and another 10 years after that was Garage Rock that we were a part of Strokes And cellsAnd vinesetc…”

Jack adds, “So it was expected around 2010, 2012 that it would happen again, but I think what didn’t happen before was the first time there was the Internet. It really delayed everything, and now I think you see that there is kind of less of a The cliched stuff. You don’t see people who only like rock and roll, or who only like hip-hop.”

“A lot of times most people like a lot of different kinds of music now, which you didn’t have 20 years ago, as it is. Now it’s hard to have a music scene because of the internet, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing,” he says. “I just think it pushed back the idea of ​​a whole movement happening in a big way where you see one type of music style in a general neighborhood that would be a big thing for people. It’s hard to achieve now, because people have their tastes spread across so many different genres.”

Jack White Fear of dawn It’s out now, featuring the lead single “Take Me Back.” Check out the full tracking list below, and the current list of tour dates here.

1. get me back
2. Fear of dawn
3. The white crow
4. Hi-De-Ho (with Q-Tip)
5. Phobia
6. At Twilight
7. Dusk
8. What’s the trick?
9. That was then (this is now)
10. Phobia (repetition)
11. Morning, noon and night
12. Shedding my velvet

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