Jason Aldean is “definitely in” for another Carrie Underwood duet

Jason Aldean landed another collaborative path when he enlisted the help of Carrie Underwood on the ACM award-winning film If I Didn’t Love You. The song obviously worked well for both artists (an understatement), and if it provided another tune of the same nature, Aldean would definitely work with Underwood again.

“I’m open to it!” Says Entertainment tonight. “I mean, I’m always open to collaborating with anyone. I felt, with this particular song, Carrie was the voice I heard for this song.”

“But I really enjoyed working with Carrie,” adds Aldean. “And if something happens and we have a chance to do it again, and the song is right, I’m definitely in.”

“If I Don’t Love You” is Al Diane’s song that lives on to his songs Macon, Georgia Double album, the second part of which arrives on April 22.

For the “Trouble with a Heartbreak” singer, the collaboration comes from music. It happened with Underwood, just as it did with Miranda Lambert when she joined Aldean on “Drowns the Whiskey” in 2018.

“We created a song with Miranda a couple of years ago, and you know, it was a traditional kind of country music that Miranda heard in that song,” he says. “So I really feel like the songs dictate where you go with a duo partner.”

Aldean also worked with Kelly Clarkson in the 2010 “Don’t You Wanna Stay?” This experience may have missed him a bit.

“Kelly was actually my first choice for that song and I’ve always been a fan of her voice,” says Aldean. Country Radio Today with Kelleigh Bannen. “And then when you get up on stage or in the studio and you start to sing along with them, it’s like, man, you realize really fast that who’s the best singer in the room, you know what I mean? These guys are really great singers and they’re really powerful and they have a huge range.” It’s really great for me to work with people like that and to find my place in the song to make my voice work with their voices and it was great.”

It doesn’t hurt that these collaborations with strong female artists were very successful – “Don’t You Wanna Stay” won two ACM awards and was nominated for a Grammy, while Aldean’s work with Lambert was the most successful. The movie If I Didn’t Love You won the ACM Award and earned a Grammy nod this year. Then, on Monday night (April 11), the Aldean/Underwood collaboration won big at the CMT Music Awards: Video of the Year.

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