John McCarthy on the difference for Shemayev’s punches against Gilbert Burns

All eyes were on Khamza Shemayev and Gilbert Burns at UFC 273 when the two wrestled at welterweight for the first time.

This three-round classic saw both fighters receive checks for an extra night’s fight in a match in which Russian-born Swedish fighter Khamazat Shemayev managed to maintain his unbeaten record and make the unanimous decision over the Brazilian.

talking on weighs in Podcast, John McCarthy gave listeners his thoughts on the fight and what he felt was the big difference for Shemayev. The Boers conceded only two important goals in four games before facing Burns who, despite outselling the Swede 119-108, failed to win.

It was the knockout efficacy of the bums that McCarthy felt won him the fight in the eyes of the judges:

“I thought the jab was the difference in the fight. His ability to land that punch consistently, they even put him in the first round with it, the jab was a huge difference.”

McCarthy went on to explain that despite fighting Punts in the first round, Burns’ ability to get back on his feet was a first for Khumps, who instead opted to lead with a header, dropping the Brazilian at first. The fight demonstrated the level of Chemayev’s attitude as a decision was made that wasn’t the case in his previous four UFC victories.

You can watch McCarthy talk about Khamza Shemayev here:

Khamza Shemayev is in the top three welterweight titles at the Ultimate Fighting Championship

Chimaev moves to 11-0 in the UFC and sees his meteoric rise continue. This was the first opponent that Chemayev had faced at number one and many were surprised when Burns agreed to fight, placing second while Chemayev was number 11.

After his win, Khmaz overtook the top three, moved eight places to No. 3 and Burns dropped to fourth.

The match was considered the first real test for Kemayev. This has proven to be the case since his debut in the UFC, this is the first time in his professional fighting career that he is moved into the third round and is his first decision win.

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