Late Night Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon Host Two Talk Shows on April Fools’ Prank

LOS ANGELES – American comedians Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon not only share the same first name – they are both part of an exclusive and illustrious club of late-night talk show hosts.

And in a clever and elaborate April Fools’ Day joke to their audience, they swapped TV shows for one night only on Friday (April 1).

Fallon, 47, appeared at the Hollywood Boulevard studio where Jimmy Kimmel Live is broadcast, while Kimmel, 54, flew to Rockefeller Center in New York City on the Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

“It’s really weird to be here. I feel like someone opened up a multiverse so late at night,” Fallon joked during his opening monologue, after the amazed audience gave him a standing ovation.

Meanwhile in New York City, Kimmel quipped, “How many of you are disappointed, be honest…this is something we’ve been planning for years, it was a top secret operation.”

The hosts later checked in with each other via video call, during which they said they had been planning the adventure since April 2020.

Each late-night talk show also airs pre-filmed clips featuring both hosts, including one where they discussed the different ways they often mistake each other.

The jokes didn’t stop there. Fallon continued to introduce actor Matt Damon as one of his guests due to his time on The Kimmel Show, but it turns out he’s singer Justin Timberlake in a baseball uniform and an amusing effort with a Boston accent – Damon from Boston is famously a fan of his. The Red Sox baseball team in town.

This isn’t the first time that the two popular late-night talk shows have hosted an “old mutant” as Kimmel described it.

In November last year, actors Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds surprised Jamie by appearing in their respective places. With Ferrell on Jimmy Kimmel Live instead of Reynolds, and Deadpool Reynolds actor on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon.

Every man dressed up and acted as if they were last-minute alternates, off the street, with Ferrell, known for popular comedies like Elf (2003) and Step Brothers (2008), told Kimmel, “Ryan couldn’t make out I got a text message From him stating that he’s late, which usually means he won’t show up… He just asked if I was going to fill in the info, so I rolled down the hill.”

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