LEGO April Fools’ Day 2022 Report

Each year in the LEGO community, there are a number of outlets that participate in some of the Tomfoolery outlets for April Fools’ Day and there is a summary of those from this year. If you haven’t seen us, we had a little fun with LEGO Galidor’s 20th Anniversary.

Ashnflash – The 4th LEGO Lightyear Set Is Officially Revealed

BrickJournal – PLAYGO, a partnership with the LEGO┬« Group and Playmobil┬«, launches this summer!

BrickFanz Introducing LEGO Brick Separator Replay

BrickFanz – LEGO VIDIYO Get a Brand New Star Wars?

BrickFinder – Kjeld to shut down LEGO Ambassador Network: ‘I’ve gone too far from core LEGO values’

BrickFinder – First look at the LEGO Colors of the World 40615 Minifigure Parts bundle!

BrickNerd – LEGO Expiry Dates Revealed

Bricking Around – Bricklink Studio tests NFT features in latest beta

Jay’s Brick Blog – Spotted LEGO Goats building miniature stations!

LEGO – LEGO Maxifigure

Ministry of Sound – The LEGO Lego amusement park set has been revealed

RacingBrick – Goodbye LEGO, you’ve switched to Playmobil – First BTTF DeLorean review!

The Rambling Brick – Announcing the new LEGO X IKEA collaboration. This time, AFOLs are the focus

Let us know in the comments below if we missed any other tricks from LEGO April Fools 2022. What do you think of this year’s pranks on the community?

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