Morgan Hoffmann of New Jersey takes the long and winding road back to the PGA Tour

Morgan Hoffman is back on the PGA Tour. But it wasn’t easy.

Hoffman, who was born in Franklin Lakes, grew up in Wyckoff and attended Ramapo High School, works at RBC Heritage at Harbor Town Golf Links, which begins Thursday in Hilton Head, SC and will be his first appearance on the PGA Tour since 2019 at the Shriners Children’s Open .

Between then and now, Hoffman has found himself traveling the world in search of alternative treatments for humeral muscular dystrophy. According to USA Today, “The former World No. 1 amateur who turned professional in 2011 ate 800 grapes a day for 17 days, underwent a urine treatment that included using his excretion as a mouthwash when he spent 90 days in Nepal, and spent four days sucking An ancient mixture containing the powerful hallucinogen DMT.”

“It sure is interesting on paper, it’s a crazy story for sure. Any athlete in this position or anyone with a drive for health would do something similar too and I don’t think I’m special in any way.”

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According to Johns Hopkins University, brachiofacial muscular dystrophy is a rare genetic muscle disease that affects the muscles of “the face, shoulders, upper arms, and legs. These muscles weaken and contract (atrophy). … the disease slowly worsens, causing weakness in other parts of the body.”

Hoffman and his wife moved to Costa Rica in 2020. But the 32-year-old said that since he left Nepal three years ago, his body has “slowly gotten stronger” with his swing speed gradually improving.

“There is no atrophy anymore, which is amazing,” Hoffman said. “And now, my right chest was the worst, it kind of went all the way to my rib, where all you can see is the bone, and now when I put my hand here and flex it, I can feel it again, which is great. It’s been slowly getting better… It’s a feeling really strong. “

Hoffman will head to the course on Thursday in search of his first win on the PGA Tour. His best result came in 2017, when Hoffmann finished second in the Honda Classic.

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