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Check out this new Grunge SUPERGROUP

Members of Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Soundgarden join a new super grunge group called The Third Secret. The band released a self-titled debut album over the weekend without warning. The group includes former Nirvana bassist Krist Novoselic, Pearl Jam and Sound Garden drummer Matt Cameron, and Sound Garden guitarist Kim Thale. Giants in Trees singers Gillian Ray and Jennifer Johnson are also channeling their talents into the project. The six-person group was rounded up by guitarist John ‘Bubba’ Dupree.

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Maisie Williams goes nude in the TV series Sex Pistols. . . But it is a political statement

Maisie Williams She undresses on her new show, but she does so for political reasons.

Display “a gun”a short series about FX about sex pistols. Maisie plays Pamela Rock, aka Jordan. She was a model and actress who helped create the London punk look.

Maisie was reluctant to do topless scenes, but figured out why they were necessary. He quoted, “Jordan was a political statement. Her whole ethos revolved around the male view of herself, and she was overtly sexual in such a way as to shame others…

“If I lift my shirt, I want to make others feel uncomfortable.”

“a gun” Premiere on May 31.

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Jack White releases soundboard recordings of every show in Tour 2022

If you do not have tickets to Jack White “Round around supply chain problems”, I’m still lucky. White will release soundboard quality recordings for each show on Opening show in Detroit, where he proposed to his girlfriend and marry her Olivia Jane As we told you earlierAnd Already available for you to download or stream.

You can subscribe to for $12.99 per month. With this subscription, you get streaming, on-demand access to their entire archive, which includes some shows from White’s previous tours. You can also purchase individual software in MP3, FLAC, and CD formats.

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Billie Joe Armstrong, Slash, and other rock stars mourn the breakup of a band that may not even exist

Yesterday, the rock world was mourning the dissolution of the influential ’70s punk band Max Krebs.

scale downAnd Duff McCaganAnd Billie Joe ArmstrongAnd Henry RollinsAnd Marche RamonAnd sum 41 They were among the stars who paid tribute to Max Creeps, and recalled what the band meant to them.

If you’ve never heard of Max Creeps, you’re not alone. There does not appear to be any evidence of its existence before. There is a Facebook page, but it looks like someone just set it up within the last year.

There’s also an album listing on Amazon, but it’s presumably only available on vinyl or CASSETTE.

There is even a thread on Reddit of people trying to find out who Max Creeps is. . . If it exists at all. Some people think it might be a side project. . . Maybe from Billie Joe or one of the other guys they sent a homage to.

It would be cool if it was someone’s secret squad, and they brought in all those other guys to help them get rid of it.

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RIVERS CUOMO said the WEEZER Summer Program is the quote, ““blue album” in the 21st century.”

The Google Docs used to brainstorm also participated Seasons EP.

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