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PALM BEACH, FL – This season, the Baltimore Ravens saw passing forward Zadarius Smith renege on an agreement and failed to attract quarterback Bobby Wagner, who signed with the Los Angeles Rams defending the Super Bowl.

With 3 1/2 weeks left before the NFL draft (ESPN, ABC and ESPN app) the Ravens see their biggest voids in defense after failing at free agency. In addition to the quarterback and quarterback, Baltimore needs two linebackers and defensive linemen.

In recent league meetings, Ravens owner Steve Bisciotti has speculated that Baltimore could make history at the end of the month.

It could be a defensive draft for all I know, and I’d be more than happy with that,” Bisciotti said.

The Ravens have 10 picks in this year’s draft, and no team in NFL history has used all of the two-digit selections on one side of the ball.

According to ESPN Stats & Information, there have been nine instances in the Common Draft era (since 1967) of a team using all of its selections in attack or defense, and no team had more than seven total selections. In the previous five drafts, the 2018 Kansas City Chiefs (six selections) and 2020 Carolina Panthers (seven selections) used all of their picks on defensive players.

In the event of an attack, Baltimore tackled the right deal by signing free agent Morgan Moses and expressed confidence that Patrick McCurry could take charge in the starting position. Bisciotti views the biggest gaps in attack as the tight third, third or fourth back, and the offensive eighth line man.

There are more priorities in defence, and Pisciotti said the most important needs are passing and a corner back. Possible Baltimore options with the 14th overall pick include: Oregon, Kayvon Thibodeau, Florida State Pass, Jermaine Johnson II, LSU Cornerback Derek Stingley Jr. and Washington Cornerback Trent McDuffie.

“We need to get into the field more, there’s no doubt about it,” said Bisciotti. “That goes hand in hand with corners. If you can cover that extra second, these guys get into the middle. It’s no surprise that we gave up yards and didn’t We pass it on just as much. But I don’t see anything as blatantly insulting as I do with it [defense]. “

Here are other highlights from Bisciotti, who spoke to a handful of reporters for an hour:

When losing the last six games to finish 8-9: This was the fourth losing season in 18 years for Bisciotti as the majority owner. But Bisciotti conceded expectations had taken off after losing the All-Pro left entry (Ronnie Stanley), Pro Bowl quarterback (Marcus Peters) and two backrunners (JK Dobbins and Joss Edwards) one week into the regular season.

“When we were 8-3, it was kind of a house of cards,” Bisciotti said. “The weird ways we won, in Detroit. [an NFL-record 66-yard field goal]in Chicago [72-yard TD drive to win it late], then crazy back with the ponies. He was building me such false confidence, because my eyes were deceiving me. I look at this team, “I can’t believe we’re 8-3.” I thought we got very lucky. I didn’t have high hopes for a playoff round when you’re exhausted.”

On extensive crow injuries: The Ravens have been among the most combative teams in the NFL, putting a total of 25 players into the injured reserve. Bisciotti was training on September 9 (four days before the season opener), when Peters and Edwards both struggled with season-ending ACL injuries.

Pisciotti said, “The wagon didn’t even get Marcus off before they came back to get the prowl. It was like a game or two later. It’s on the same court we’ve played for 18 years. You have to give that back to bad luck, but I don’t want to.” [the organization] to. I can. I don’t get paid to do their work; They do, and I want them to delve into it. I think we’re a better organization because we had to address it.”

On the aggressiveness of coach John Harbaugh: The Ravens lost two games last December when Harbaugh chose to go for the win by converting two points in the last minute of regulation rather than opting to tie the game with a point-by-point kick.

“Overall, I agree with the aggressiveness,” Bisciotti said. “I’ll be honest with you, I remember I was 100% in the Pittsburgh game and not 100% in the Packers game, because we were at home and struggled a lot. It’s hard. Let me tell you this: I was against it because I didn’t want to John is being criticized. That’s why I was against it, not because I’m basically against being aggressive. I’m just the opposite. I like the aggressive call. I just said, ‘Please God, make it so you don’t take [criticism] for weeks. “

On Ravens Attack Coordinator Greg RomanRomans were highly criticized by fans after Baltimore ranked 17th in scoring (22.7 points per game), 25th in third conversion rate (36.4%), 31st in sacks (57), and 24th in attacking hits (64).

“I don’t think you can be as unique as Greg Roman and not take your chin too hard when things aren’t going well,” said Bisciotti. If you tell Greg he’s going to lose Ronnie and two run their backs and [blocking tight end Nick] Boyle, maybe he’ll go, “I’m about to get fired.” If I’m him, then I’m thinking, “I can’t do what I’m doing without these guys, I’m restless.” I’m sure Greg had two sleepless nights after a wink [Martindale, defensive coordinator] Let’s go. But I don’t think you can blame that much for that [Roman]. “

Asked if he had any plans to sell crowsBisciotti turns 62 later this month, but he remains the fifth youngest owner in the league. He admits that gaming remains the most stressful part of the year. Bisciotti much prefers this time of year, when you’re building your list with free agency, draft, and salary cap juggling.

“I can tell you what I can turn into the 14th choice at the moment in a million different scenarios,” said Bisciotti. “I have studied this trade scheme more than I did in school. I know it like the back of my hand.”

Bisciotti, who hasn’t spoken to reporters for four years, showed this kind of passion and enthusiasm during his session with reporters.

I’m not going anywhere. I love it enough. I think having my family around, it’s a unifying thing. I have grandchildren in my ward now, and I can actually pay attention to them for a minute between series and throw Twizzlers at them. Right now, I’m Very happy with that.”

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