Oscar de la Hoya supports Jake Paul to be world champion despite playing five matches

Legendary former boxer backed YouTube star Paul to take his fighting career to the top despite only starting out in boxing four years ago and competing six times

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Oscar De La Hoya backed Jake Paul to become the world boxing champion despite the YouTuber having only played five times as a professional.

The legendary League Six world champion has savored success at becoming a champion 11 times in his career, and Paul, turned YouTuber-turned-boxer, believes he has what it takes to win a major belt. The social media star has never faced anyone who has boxed before, but he has defeated all four of his professional opponents, as well as his only white collar match in 2018.

De La Hoya argues that if Paul can maintain his level of development in the sport, he can eventually become a legitimate competitor, and eventually a world champion. Speaking to TMZ Sports, the former fighter said, “Let me tell you one thing about Jake Paul. He’s the real deal. I’ll tell you that.”

“With only four or five fights, and the way he takes it so seriously, Jake Paul is the real deal. And I dare anyone with boxing or mixed martial arts experience to call him out because this guy can beat a lot of good champs, he might be great champs He’s moving on to something because he takes it seriously.

“This is not for once, twice, three times, no. He wants to become world champion and there is no way out of becoming world champion. You have to fight better and he does it right!!.”

Paul is routinely criticized for his opponent selections, with the opinion shared with experts and fans that he has yet to face a legitimate boxer. But de la Hoya believes it is only a matter of time until this is corrected.

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According to Oscar de la Hoya, Jake Paul could become a world champion


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“He’s on his way to becoming a competitor, he’s on his way to becoming a world contender, and then a world champion. If he keeps going, with all the social media, look, everyone wants to be him! Think about it, everyone wants followers.

“On social media, what’s wrong with him having over 19 million followers? He’s really great for the sport enough with BS, let him be. He’s doing the right thing, he’s great for boxing and I really hope he becomes the world champion.”

“Jake Paul has all the time in the world, he’s young, he can make his way up the ladder. Maybe he can fight Canelo [Alvarez, one of the pound-for-pound best boxers in the world] In the near future, who knows? Two years from now, perhaps.

“The way he keeps proving himself, the way he trains in the gym, I have eyes all over him and Jake Paul is working on stopping**. I’m proud of that because he chose the sport I grew up in so hard so kudos to him.”

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