Our favorite related fantasy moves so far

The NFL draft is only a few weeks away, and it comes on the heels of an exciting and wildly active early season. Our fantasy football analysts reveal which moves they’ve loved the most so far and why.

Allen Robinson Free

Liz Loza: Will you break up with the bears and find joy in Los Angeles?

Allen Robinson And I have a lot in common.

Admittedly, I still worried about his medical condition, but he wasn’t able to land him in a better place. With Robert Woods off to Nashville and Odell Beckham Jr. Rehab is through November, and Robinson’s rebound potential is over the roof. Assuming he’s healthy, he could enter a +100 target season. That’s a reduction in volume from 2020 and 2019, but a promotion in QB should boost his efficiency significantly.

As of now he is on the WR2/WR3 border and outside the top 25 position. It may not be flashy, but it’s a proven player joining a proven system, which offers fantasy investors a unique combination of floor and ceiling.

Bengals Joe Burrow protects

Andy Burns: The Cincinnati Bengals have not made any excessive acquisitions that have taken over the NFL news cycle for any length of time.

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But the team managed to do something more important: Cincinnati built a wall around their franchise quarterback Joe Borough.

Somehow, in a season in which Burrow completed his best 70.4 percent of his league throws at 8.9 yards per attempt, he was also the most-dismissed QB in the game. He led the NFL not only in sacks (51) but also in yards he lost to sacks (370). It could be argued that no opposing team had as clear a need in any off-season area as the Bengals did in the offensive line.

So far, to meet this enormous need, Cincinnati Veterans have added Alex Kappa (formerly Tampa), Ted Krass (New England) and Lyle Collins (Dallas). It’s possible the team hasn’t finished building their big orange wall yet, but they’re off to a great start. Burrow has been a huge winner off the season.

Russell Wilson’s massive trade shakes up the league

Scott Bianofsky: that it Russell Wilson To the Broncos for me, by far. Denver has had the talent of a skill slip out of her ears for years, but the wrong trigger runs the offensive. Wilson also gets a change of scenery in time. I am also glad to see him Trevor Lawrence Get a real shot at Year Two, now that the bloated Urban Meyer is out of the way. I don’t think every scout under the sun was wrong with Lawrence; Meyer simply made it fail. Let’s unplug, reboot, and try again.

Russell Wilson may have stolen most of the QB news headlines in the offseason NFL, but don’t be fooled by Urban Meyer’s Trevor Lawrence. (Photo by Sam Greenwood/Getty Images)

Amary Cooper leaves the Cowboys for Cleveland

Dalton Del Don: While Russell Wilson Going to Denver has fanciful repercussions, let’s go with it Amary Cooper Leaving Dallas for Cleveland. Not only has this move increased Cooper’s imaginary value now that he’s the obvious #1 recipient for him Deshaun Watsonbut also strengthened sir lambAnd Dalton Schultz And Michael Gallup All ranking up. I moved Lamb into my top five WRs with Cooper and Schultz leaving to my top three TEs (with Blake Jarwin And Cedric Wilson gone) – before Mark Andrews.

Tom Brady’s retirement lasts for two proverbial minutes

Matt Harmon: Although he wasn’t a player/team changer like all my teammates were, my favorite off-season move was Tom Brady back from home long vacation To start the pirate again in 2022. Brady’s return helped bring in people who were not much appreciated Russell Gig To Tampa Bay to control the hole position and absorb some Antonio Brown vacant role Leonard Fortnite He promptly deleted his “farewell” post on social media and soon after he signed a three-year deal to re-engage with Tampa Bay. He’s one of the most underrated players in the fantasy world and must walk right on the moon in RB1’s workload.

Chris Goodwin He was tagged ahead of Brady’s “comeback”, but eventually signed a long-term deal and is a perfect fit for the veteran. cling to Mike Evans Looks like the biggest winner ever. With Godwin starting 2022, Brown gone and Brady back in the fold, Evans has the ecosystem, capability and size to push for a broad receiving season from the top five.

The goat remains the high tide that lifts all boats.

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