Panasonic 65 Inch JZ980 OLED 4K Smart TV

It’s hard to please our home for a new TV. We want your gaming experience to be top notch and for NetFlix movies to feel cinematic. Moreover, the operation should be simple (for older family members).

We got our hands on the 65-inch Panasonic JZ980 OLED 4K Smart TV to see if it matches the summary.

To start, you have to marvel at its size. This is the biggest TV I’ve ever had in the house. It came in a smart packaging that protected the device and was easy to empty. However, you will need two people.

It includes a heavy-duty floor stand, which keeps the TV reasonably close to the surface below. As a result, the gap was perfect for our Apple TV & Sky set-top box to fit neatly under it.

From the side, the top third of the TV is very thin, just millimeters, while the bottom two thirds expand to 6cm to hold all of your electronics. This is a very thin TV; In fact, when you unpack it, you have to be careful what parts you can lift with it, because some parts are very thin.

From the front, there is no external frame (a black hole around the image).

OLED display technology is the gold standard. It is much higher quality than the old QLED and LED lights. One of the main advantages of OLED is that the brightness of each pixel can be adjusted and even turned off. So colors appear bright and natural while black can be pure black.

When you connect it, you have a large number of options. Three HDMI ports on the back and one on the side. I can see the first aspect useful when you want to present your family photos from a laptop.

Two of these HDMI ports support all the more advanced features like 4K video at high frame rates.

There are many other inputs, but realistically with built-in Wi-Fi and so many apps, you might have far fewer reasons to use even HDMI ports nowadays.

I was very happy with the speakers. These are two amazing 15W speakers, probably due to the Dolby Atmos audio technology. Showcase your games, movies, and music videos with these immersive headphones.

This TV is so smart that a lot of things are done behind the scenes. For example, it constantly analyzes the image to improve color accuracy, contrast, and clarity. This AI knows if you’re watching sports or movies and adjusts itself. genius!

Panasonic has also worked with Netflix on a new model that ensures that your movies play exactly as the director intended.

Then it’s time to play. We had an Xbox Series S connected, and we changed the TV to Game Mode Extreme. This was the best Assassins Creed Valhalla experience ever. Panasonic puts it in HDMI 2.1 with High Frame Rates (HFR), Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) and AMD FreeSync Premium support. We just thought the game looks as realistic as a game in 2022 can get. This is Gamers TV.

Even with all these great features, it’s easy to follow the program that powers the TV and the remote control makes sense. I was particularly impressed with how fast the system turned on, no need to wait while catching up on the TV (which I’ve tried with other new TVs).

All the essential apps you can imagine are included, from FreeView, Netflix, YouTube, Amazon Prime, AppleTV+, etc. so all I need is Aljazeera and TVNZ on Demand.

At this point, I’m starting to wonder if I need a separate AppleTV box. Anything I did with it was already built into the TV.

In addition to the included remote control, you can connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, or control the TV with Alexa or Google Assistant.

This TV doesn’t compromise on anything; Its vivid colours, pure black, stunning details and advanced technologies make it a leader in its class. As a result, this is the best possible experience for movie buffs and gamers with ease of operation.

Check more information about the Panasonic 65-inch JZ980 OLED 4K Smart TV here.

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