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Now that Free Agent Frenzy has calmed down and most teams have met their needs or at least exhausted their budget, we can look at the remaining needs that can be filled in with the draft.

In my opinion, priority is given to the needs of patriots as follows:




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Why CB – Just look at the two unparallel Bills games. Not all DBs are wrong. The lack of pass rush and the ability to contain Josh Allen put a tremendous pressure on the high school and they flexed. We have no idea what we’re going to get from Malcolm Butler. Terrance Mitchell should only be a veteran backup. I do not sell at Galen Mills. The return of Jonathan Jones will help. None of these players is CB 1 who can close the opponent’s upper receiver.

Why NT The Patriots were run over last year. They need someone who can stuff a run. Davon Godshaw didn’t offer that. Carl Davis was allowed to become an unrestricted free agent and he didn’t have a contract sniff even to say the least. On the list, you have Dan Equally and Bill Murray. I like Ekuale’s efforts but they don’t inspire fear in opponents. Murray is a compact DT.

Why LB The Patriots lack speed at LB. Donta Hightower, Jaime Collins, and Brandon King are free agents and Kyle Van Noy has been abandoned. None of them stuck with another team, not even at the Vet Minimum. That’s how slow they went last year. They can even draft two midfielders. I’m not a big fan of the players on the list in LB. They got Mac Wilson in exchange with Chase Winovich, the player who didn’t develop. Rickwon Macmillan had a good camp last year until a knee injury hit him this season. You don’t know if he can come back or if anything remains in the tank. Ja’Whun Bentley is a hitter but is only a two down player. He cannot cover anyone in the field. Pats need speed in the LB spot and there are plenty of good LBs available in the draft. Have we seen anything from Aferneee Jennings?

Why OT Wynn is entering his free agent year and Trent Brown has been injury prone for the past three years. Finding an OT starting caliber late in the draft isn’t impossible but it can be tricky. This player doesn’t need to start right away and can use the season to reach the NFL level as far as technique and functional strength go.

Why OG – This is an immediate need as they do not have a junior left guard on the list. It’s much easier to find the OG late in the draft. This is why it is not a high priority. You can take the smaller LTs and turn them into LGs. Logan Mankins is an excellent example.

Why WR – I know they just signed DeVante Parker but it looks like the receivers they already have. He is a possessor of possession. The big difference with Parker is that he won those balls 50/50. The bad part of Parker is that he has many 50/50 balls because he can’t separate. They need speed in the hole position and someone who can return the kicks.

Belichick usually drafts the best player available. They don’t have that luxury this year with so many holes in the team and no money under the salary cap to fix all the issues. I said that last year when they were making their roster, they had too many 30+ players on the team.

Top 30 visits

Each team is allowed to bring 30 players for interviews, training or medical evaluation. Some players’ agents let them know that their players had been invited by the Patriots. This does not mean that the Patriots will draft these players. Sometimes they are smokescreens that hide the identity of the player they are interested in.

So far, the following players have indicated that they have received an invite from the Patriots:

Andrew Booth, CB, Clemson

Jack Jones, CB, Arizona Street

Trent McDuffy, CB, Washington

Chase Lucas, CB, Arizona St.

Darren Butler, LP, Arizona Street

Trevor Benning, OT, Northern Iowa

Marcus Jones, CB, Houston

Keune Green, OG, Texas A&M

Zion Johnson, OG, Boston College

Reached the semi-finals of the Patriots Hall of Fame

Julius Adams

Chuck Fairbanks

Lawyer Meloy

Logan Mankins

Mike Frabel

John Smith

Wes Welker

Bill Parcells

Vince Welfork

These 9 will be reduced to 3 finalists. The fan vote will determine who is chosen.

The Fairbanks and Parcells will be eliminated for the way they left the team. John Smith, who is a good and not great player for the team, will not work because he is a footballer. This leaves 6 quality players and any of them can be chosen and no one will question that. Then it becomes a popularity contest. Julius Adams would have a hard time defeating any of the modern Patriots who played under Belichick.

Frabel may not get the nomination because he is a coach for another team. The three finalists will be Milloy, Mankins and Welker. I am not including Wilfork because he will win the popular vote whenever he is nominated.

The sad death of Steelers QB Dwayne Haskins

The death of Steelers QB Dwayne Haskins at the age of 24 is tragic and strange at the same time. Haskins was injured and killed by a dump truck while traveling on I-595 West, an interstate highway in Ft. Lauderdale Florida at 7 am. It is thought that poor vision due to sunrise may be a factor. Haskins for some reason tried to cross the multi-lane highway. It is always tragic for a young man to die at such a young age. This has nothing to do with the color of his skin or the success or failure the young man has had as an athlete. My condolences to his family, friends and fans.

Happy birthday Bill Belichick

Bill No. 70 will be released on April 16. No coach in the NFL has ever won a Super Bowl in his 70s.

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