Shashi Tharoor as ‘Child Actor’ in Bollywood Film Already Got On Twitter On April Fools’ Day

Given Tharoor’s illustrious career, many people fell in love with the joke. (Credits: Twitter/@ofnosurnamefame)

Shashi Tharoor has many accomplishments but being a junior actor is not among them.

Congressman Shashi Tharoor wears a lot of feathers on his hat but being a junior actor is, unfortunately, not among them. If you were to ask Twitter about it yesterday – especially on April Fools’ Day – you might have gotten an entirely different answer. ‘Deception 1992’ writer Vaibhav Vishal started the movie by tweeting: “While ShashiTharoor was never in Andaz Apna Apna, he did in movies as a child star. His screen name was Master Gyaan, and he did 9 Hindi and Malayalam movies. Attach screenshot from prison With Geeta Bali. Today was the day to revisit this picture. Go Shashi! “Tharoor, of course, played with time.” And I tried to keep it a secret the whole time! Good spy @ofnosurnamefame! By the way I am still known as Mr. Gyan… “I tweeted. Given Tharoor’s illustrious career, many people fell in love with the joke.

Since then, Tharoor has continued to clear the air. He tweeted, “To all those people who took this exchange seriously: It’s a joke! He’s pulling my leg while I’m playing for fun. See yesterday’s date! #April Fools!”

Vishal also tweeted: “This sport, ShashiTharoor! Our best. The. Best. Note: To the lovely media that covered this story, come on guys! All that is needed is a basic Google search. Plus April 1st.”

Everyone has only one question now.

Twitterati really lost the point but the brownie points for sharing, we suppose.

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