Sterling questions Dana White’s hesitation in Volkanovski/Cejudo . book

Aljamain Sterling, the UFC bantamweight champion, has endorsed Henry Cejudo’s aspirations for a third championship title, questioning why Dana White would oppose the idea.

Since his “retirement”, which followed a successful defense of the welterweight title against Dominic Cruz in 2020, talk of Cejudo’s return has been prevalent. For many, the response has been simple: Go back to the test suite.

Earlier this week, “Triple C” took his ambitions from talk to action by officially re-entering the USADA pool. The former two-part UFC title holder will now be eligible to compete after six months in the program.

Upon making that announcement, it’s no surprise that Cejudo had a familiar name on his lips.

Since ramping up the rhetoric surrounding another appearance in the Octagon, Cejudo’s desire to become the first three-weight champion in the UFC has been evident. After Alexander Volkanovsky’s victory at UFC 266 last September, “The Messenger” called up the 145-pound King.

Now, having previously staked his claim to the alternate role at UFC 273 last weekend, Cejudo has reiterated his goal of pursuing featherweight glory after another defense from “The Great”.

While the UFC president has consistently shut out the idea of ​​the former Olympian returning to the title fight with a new weightlifter, one promotion champion doesn’t understand the hesitation.

Sterling: I don’t see how Dana can deny Sejudo

While recently appearing on MMA watch With Ariel Helwani, who followed his victorious defense at UFC 273, Aljamain Sterling weighed what could await Cejudo if and when he returns to play.

Given the Fight Ready coach’s past accomplishments in the sport, as well as the one he would have attempted by transitioning to featherweight, the featherweight champion doesn’t understand how White could dismiss Cejudo’s ambitions.

“His coming up to ’45 would be cool. I don’t see how Dana could deny him,” Sterling said. “I mean, he’s won two belts. Maybe because it’s not that popular? But he seems very popular, maybe not popular in that people throw money at him, but he is very popular. So, I just don’t understand how that doesn’t sell. It’s a big fight, in the sense of what he’s trying to achieve. If you put it together and market it the right way, it’s a big battle.

“I think he (Volkanovsky) is the only guy he (Sejudo) can fight at 145 near his height,” Sterling added. “You almost lose that fight if Volkanovsky loses. Why don’t you just do that and see what happens?”

Stirling went on to suggest that if White maintained his stance on Sejudo’s pursuit of 145 pounds of gold, he would be more than happy to welcome the former champ into the cage himself in a fight for the bantam weight belt.

Do you agree with Aljamain Sterling? Should Henry Cejudo be allowed to return to the featherweight title shot?

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