Surprising Easter Bunny visit goes ‘very wrong’: ‘I felt bad’

One mom wanted to surprise the kids with a visit from the Easter bunny – but it didn’t go well.

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Kids fall in love with characters from their favorite games, books, and movies. But seeing a person like Santa Claus or Mickey Mouse on a small screen or in a doll is very different from meeting a life-size version.

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When TikToker @bad0793 invited an Easter bunny to her two daughters and a few other kids, she expected the kids to get excited. Their reactions were unpleasant.

“We thought we’d surprise the kids with a visit from the Easter Bunny… Something went wrong,” she wrote in the caption. “Do not recommend.”

In the clip, the doorbell rang, and six young children rushed to answer it. When they opened the door, they were horrified to see the huge rabbit the size of a man. Three of the older girls screamed and ran away. One of them ran so fast that she tripped and fell. Another girl hid behind the door, while a little boy scrambled away crying.

When it was time to take pictures, each of the young children in the pictures screamed. It wasn’t what any of the adults expected, but it was still a bit fun. The funny video has garnered 1.4 million views.

In the comments section, the mom added, “We thought we’d make them so happy! Almost all of them were fine within a few minutes and took pictures with the bunny!”

“The poor girl behind the door didn’t have a chance!” user joked.

“I am a mother and I laugh hysterically. I know all the kids are fine. I felt bad for the Easter Bunny,” another wrote.

And one of them added: “The child was so frightened, he forgot how to walk.”

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The hilarious “Visit from Easter Bunny” post on TikTok made its debut on In The Know.

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