The director of Morbius dances around six sinister questions without denying anything

Even before the likes MorbiusAnd the Craven the fishermanAnd the Madame Web Officially entered into active development, everyone knew that Sony’s long-term plan was designed towards wicked sixAnd finally, have them face Spider-Man.

This became even more apparent when the brand was rebranded from the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters to the Sony Spider-Man Universe, and then moved further home when post-credits scenes surfaced for Poison: Let there be a massacre And the There is no place for home It provided the first real feeling of cross-pollination.

Some of this world building has been undone due to the horrific post-credits scenes Morbius, but we all know where that address ends up being. Despite already acknowledging Michael Keaton’s vulture is building a team, director Daniel Espinosa still tries to dance around the Sinister Six inquiry line during an interview with Variety.

“I think they’re very intelligent, both. The eagle is pure mechanical prowess. Morbius is considered one of the Big Five geniuses in the Marvel universe. As a biologist, there are very few other people with the same strength, perhaps Hank McCoy as the Dark Beast. Right? Spider Man Comic where Aunt Mai was sick? And gather Reed Richards, Tony Stark, and all the geniuses, and there’s Michael Morbius. I think Norman Osborne would be very interesting.

This is a completely different idea, like if you walk away from the idea of ​​Sinister Six and you’re going for something different. There are other possibilities, because they were made for many years. For me, what made Kevin Feige so great was the way they took so many legends and chose different parts of them and realized that it didn’t have to start out exactly the way the comics began. You don’t have to go from the 60s and 70s and then the 80s and 90s. You can take from the 2000s, which was like Civil war, and mix it with other concepts of characters from earlier parts of the comic book world. “

Based on the overwhelming negative reception it received Morbius So far, we can only hope that Sony’s upcoming roster of superhero stories will do a much better job of laying the foundation wicked sixEven if we don’t know for sure which version of Spider-Man they’ll be up against.

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