The Game Challenges To Battle, as 50 Cent says “Can’t Rap”

The game has earned a reputation for persuading rappers to engage in beef in and out of wax throughout his career. However, one target he has yet to entice is rap legend Eminem, who has yet to respond to The Game’s challenge to a rap battle following allegations that he is a superior manager to Em.

while appearing on new pair Podcast with Katie Customs and Just Please, The Game talked about his reasons for attacking Em, attributing his actions to his competitive spirit rather than a verbal threat.

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“When I said what I said about Em, it was challenging for him,” the game explained. “To challenge hip-hop. To spark rap. Not street fighting or not ‘let’s pull the tapes’ but ‘n***a, get up and rap.'”

However, while The Game doubles down on his opinion that his rap skills are currently stronger than Em’s at this point in their career, he acknowledged the influence of the Detroit native, acknowledging that he once considered him the greatest rapper alive. “At one point in my career, I thought Em was better than Jay based on ‘Renegade’ because he Source The magazine said that Eminem captured Jay in that verse, and followed the rapper “Eazy,” before pressing again for the opportunity to share the recordings. “You did it with MGK, why don’t you do it with me?”

When asked why he wouldn’t issue a similar challenge to 50 Cent, The Game responded by insulting Fif’s special abilities as a lyricist, stating that his former assistant would be better off in a war of words on social media, an arena Fif’s used to attack. rivals on many occasions.

The game said “because 50 can’t rap”. “So I have to go up and level up and challenge the best rappers. For that. And not take anything away from what the fifties are doing. He can see it and tweet it but he knows I’m going to respond or he can sing about it but he’s going to lose that fight.”

He continued, “I am a rapper. He is a rapper, and I am the best rapper,” he declared. When it comes to rap, [50 Cent] I can’t rap me. So, your boyfriend can rap though. Nobody really takes Eminem from this preconceived notion that he’s better than everyone else. Well, I want work and I want it today. And if you’re a rapper or a rapper – the word “God” we throw it loosely but if we’re really talking about God, God is in control of everything. So, if I’m a god rap, control me.”

In addition to his defiance of Eminem, The Game also raised the stakes with comments comparing the backlash Will Smith received after he slapped comedian Chris Rock at the Academy Awards with no backlash from the brawl between Nascar drivers Tybbs and Sam Mayer this past Friday (8 April). In that incident, which occurred during the Xfinity Series race at Martinsville Speedway, Gibbs and Mayer got into a violent post-race brawl, causing The Game to question why the commentary surrounding Gibbs and Mayer’s actions didn’t reflect the anger raised. by Smith.

“Oscar, NASCAR….all the same for me,” the Compton native wrote in a tweet. “Where are we not condoning violence of any kind now that white boxing is on the ring?? Ban for 10 years or…” before placing a thought emoji at the end of the post. The game has since deleted that tweet.

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