Tom Parker wants to be cancer free in 2022 as he plans more kids with his wife Kelsey

Wanted singer Tom Parker was diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer in 2020, and despite the low odds, he was able to defy expectations and revealed last month that his brain tumor is now stable, just over a year after his devastating trauma. newsletter

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Tom Parker Provides Update On His Condition Amid Battle With Cancer

Tom Parker admitted that it is “difficult to plan ahead” after his health struggles, but he hopes to be “cancer-free” in 2022.

The wanted singer, 33, made the devastating news in October last year, revealing that he had been diagnosed with an aggressive form of brain cancer – glioblastoma grade 4 – which doctors said was “inoperable” and “definitive”.

Despite the low odds about his survival, Tom has defied expectations and is now thriving, just over a year after his brutal diagnosis.

He recently revealed that the tumor is now stable, the cancer is now under control, and is looking forward to the holiday season this year after spending most of Christmas 2020 in treatment for cancer.

Tom recently revealed that his tumor was stable a year after his diagnosis


Tom Parker / Instagram)

He and wife Kelsey, 31, are relieved that some things are back to normal after the past 12 months, and hope to make sure Tom is as healthy and happy as he can be in 2022.

But the singer admitted that he finds it difficult to plan ahead because he and Kelsey – with their two children Aurelia, two, and one-year-old Buddy, prefer “living in the moment” so “it’s hard to plan”.

‚ÄúThat’s the only thing I’ve taken away from this trip, there’s no point in thinking about tomorrow. None of us guarantee it, so we have to live for now,” said Well! magazine.

Tom was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor in October 2020


Channel 4)

He and his wife have admitted that they plan to expand their lap next year, but only if Tom is in “better health”.

“We’ll definitely have more kids,” Kelsey insisted.

When asked about his hopes for the next year, Tom was brief with his wish list, but said he was just looking forward to “a little bit of normalcy” and spending time with family over Christmas.

Tom and his wife Kelsey are hoping to expand the brood range next year

“Hopefully she’s cancer-free, more kids and more shows with The Wanted,” he stated.

Tom underwent a ferocious regimen of radiotherapy and chemotherapy during the holiday season last year, feeling “disjointed and exhausted” without an appetite for Christmas dinner.

But this year he’s excited to be able to do the little things, like get up with the kids on Christmas morning, and make breakfast.

“It’s good to get back involved and feel part of the family unit again,” he admitted.

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