UFC 273: Dana White confirms that the UFC will not be coming to Australia in 2022

The UFC won’t be coming to Australia in 2022, with Dana White unwilling to risk a sudden shutdown to ruin a fighting card.

In the wake of Aleksandr Volkanovsky’s fourth-round clinical layover for Jung Chang Sung in the main match of UFC 273, White was asked when the UFC has relied heavily on Florida, Texas, Abu Dhabi and the Vegas mini base to continue the mixed board leader’s events during the pandemic, when he will visit Australia again.

“No, we won’t be there this year,” White said.

“You know what’s going on over there, man: Come on, this place is still closed.

“I can’t take the risk of trying to bring a show in there, get there, and close it. I mean I think that just happened to Formula 1, right?

Wasn’t it canceled? The cars were on the track and canceled?

“It’s happening? Didn’t they shut it down? Show what I know.”

Admittedly, White won’t be the only one to feel like it’s been a long time since March 2020 (when F1 was cancelled).

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However, the traveling show that was the UFC before the pandemic is definitely on its way back. White says the UFC is looking into holding events in the following cities: Boston, New York, Austin, Texas, Salt Lake City, Seattle and Toronto.

Volkanovsky last fought in Australia under the UFC umbrella at UFC 221 in February 2018. Since debuting on Australian beaches in 2010, the UFC has visited Australia 15 times – six times for the PPV.

With Volkanovsky and Rob Whitaker doing the work in the middleweight, Tai Toivasa taking third in the heavyweight, Israel Adesanya still wearing the belt in the light heavyweight and France’s Kai Cara ranked second in the flyweight, and the Oceania event will happen soon including Enough – just not this year.

Fighting Island: Tasmania. Let’s do it at MONA and make it unforgettable. Trust us, Dana.

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