UFC 273: Paul Felder compares the meteoric rise of the Shemayev’s chimneys to that of Conor McGregor

Paul Felder recently compared the rise of Khamza Chemayev to that of MMA’s greatest superstar, Conor McGregor. Felder believes that UFC newcomer Paddy Pemblett could also rise to the level of McGregor in the future.

However, “Irish Dragon” pointed out a significant difference between Chimayev and other rising stars. While many fighters want to fight their way to the top, Felder believes the Boers are hungry to fight anyone at all.

The 37-year-old said in a recent interview with Laura Sanko:

“I mean you have to take a look at one of our greatest, Conor. He really exploded on the scene, got the Irish people behind him and just took over. I mean he literally did, right. Buddy Pemblet exists his way of doing something like that. But The difference I think is for Khams is he wants the worst guys out there. You see, some of these guys want to play themselves slowly and work their way up to the top and really feel that momentum behind them. Whereas Khums, now he just wants to fight everyone.”

Watch Felder comment on Chimaev’s rise below:

Paul Felder is concerned about Khamza Shemayev’s weight reductions

While Paul Felder acknowledges Chimaev’s unusual skill set, he suspects Bowers is making weight. Felder claimed he was present during the Swede’s last weigh-in as he came under some scrutiny.

While Felder believes Chemayev has championship potential, he is unsure of the prospect’s future at 170 pounds. The UFC Color commentator recently said on an episode of Fighter versus writings:

“Even if we all agree on that now [Khamzat Chimaev is] The best man in the division, you have to prove to me first of all and I’m sure to the UFC team that you can make welterweight easier than you did last time. That was a show. I was in the room for those weights and not saying he didn’t gain weight, but he was a mess. He obviously tried to manipulate [the situation]They pulled the towel away, made him roll back and forced him back in again. You have to prove that you are of average weight.”

Hear Felder’s opinion of Shemayev below:

Fortunately for Kemayev, the Chechen-born Swede was able to easily gain weight in his welterweight showdown against Gilbert Burns at UFC 273.

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