Watch newly discovered footage from Jay-Z’s 2001 Hot 97 Summer Jam performance

New footage of Jay-Z’s performance appeared on the June 2001 issue of Hot 97 Summer Jam at the Nassau Coliseum in New York, more than two decades after it happened.

The legendary group saw the rapper directed by Michael Jackson and Missy Elliott, and his poorly-debuted single Nas and Mobb Deep titled Takeover before being included on The Blueprint album a few months later.

While performing the song during his Summer Jam, Jay showed off huge screens a picture of Mobb member Deep Prodigy while participating in a dance class as a child. Jay went on to reference the moment on the studio version of the track, rap,”Don’t be the next contestant on that Summer Jam screen“.

While the group’s audio has long been available, the video wasn’t easily accessible until this week, when YouTube channel HipHopVCR uploaded all 57 minutes of the entire performance, such as Strygom pointing to. Watch the full footage – along with just the “Takeover” performance and Michael Jackson’s moments – below:

In other Jay-Z news, the rapper recently appeared on Pusha T’s “Neck & Wrist,” the second single to be released from their upcoming 2022 album “It’s Almost Dry.”

You hit the bird money, you’re all going to be talking in the twitter feed / we have different Saab stories, save your monologues,Jay raps through his poetry on the cut produced by Farrell. The new song was Jay and Push’s first collaboration since 2016’s “Drug Dealers Anonymous.”

Last week, Jack White revealed that he and Jay-Z had been working together, saying that unreleased music with the rapper could “see the light of day”. In 2018, White revealed that his track ‘Boarding House Reach’ ‘Over and Over and Over’ was originally recorded during a canceled collaborative session with Jay in 2009.

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