Morbius Is a Portrait of a Very Annoying Weirdo Jared Leto’s one-note vampire is possibly the least helpful superhero we’ve seen yet.

LMorbius has arrived in theatres with an eye-wateringly low Rotten Tomatoes score, canned even by hyper-enthusiastic “first look” critics who love to oversell mediocre superhero movies.

The film marks another stepping stone to a sort-of-Spider-Man cinematic universe featuring the Sinister Six, something Sony has been desperately attempting to build ever since The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

Post-credits scenes are often viewed as the most important aspect of many superhero movies, especially the underwhelming ones, and both of the Morbius post-credits scenes proved so notable that they were leaked online, before being hastily targeted by copyright takedowns.

Fans who have managed to watch the two scenes are not impressed, as the post-credit scenes attempt to merge Sony’s sputtering cinematic universe with the MCU, creating several plot holes along the way.

Morbius Is a Portrait of a Very Annoying Weirdo