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As BPI releases new data on the independent sector, wet leg She is the latest independent work that has made a huge chart impact.

The Domino’s autographed duo on their way to #1 This week with their self-titled debut, 23,000 (official charting company) have already been sold thanks to a solid financial contribution.

The album is distributed by PIASwho played a major role in several independent hits in the past year.

“The PIAS Services team at Integral partner with Domino to provide a comprehensive in-retail setup for the physical release of the first album by wet legPIAS MD Jason Rackham said Music week. “The chart and one-week volume are very impressive and it’s great to see Domino break another new artist. The Integral sales team has worked closely with Domino to ensure we can deliver the best possible result in one week for this fantastic debut album.”

Based on midweek sales, PIAS is also chasing No. 2 with Father John Misty Chloe and The Next Twentieth Century (Bella Union). Jason Rackham He described him as a “wonderful” artist.

PIAS partners with Bella Union to present the international campaign (outside of America where Father John Misty releases on Subpop). The album was released with major performances in BBC 6 Music Festival The Barbican in London.

“The support for the new album in the press, on DSPs and in record stores was fantastic, and Radio 2 came with playlist support heading to this album,” Rackham said. “Josh [Tillman] Dad Misty’s fifth studio album sitting at number two on the album chart midweek is a testament to Bella Union’s investment and support for its artists over the long term.”

Jack WhiteThe third man label (in partnership with The Orchard and Proper Music) is a strong contender this week with his album Fear Of The Dawn. EarMusic He aims to reach the top ten with Joe Satriani’s The Elephants Of Mars.

The latest success on the independent film chart coincides with a new analysis from BPI, which shows that in 2021, independently released music enjoyed its fourth consecutive year of growth.

The collective share of UK music consumption attributable to independent labels – including Dirty Hit, party and PIAS – rose to stand at 26.9% in 2021. This is up from 25.9% in 2020 and is significantly higher than the 22.1% figure recorded in 2017.

“2021 has been an exciting year for PIAS and the independent sector,” said Rackham. “Here at PIAS, we have helped deliver a breakthrough campaign for Transgressive’s Arlo Parks, successfully both in the UK where Arlo has won Mercury PrizeE as well as the BRIT . Award [Breakthrough]and more so in the states where Arlo was Nominated for two Grammy Awards He has performed on every major American television show.

2021 also saw several release of the year albums from the likes of AJ Tracey, Black country, new roaddry cleaning, idleand Bicep and Mogwai, which were all released in partnership with PIAS. This diversity of music emerging from the independent sector will continue to drive success into 2022 and we will have the added impetus provided by international tours and festivals.”

This diversity in music stemming from the independent sector will continue to drive success into 2022

Jason Rackham

BPI confirmed that the positive trend continues into 2022, with the independent share of the UK market overall now at 28.9% for the year to date, boosted by the number 1 albums of wombatsAnd Don Broccoanthropomorphic and rapper Central C.

The independent label’s share of artists’ albums sales has grown by nearly four percentage points in just two years, and has increased across each format, from 30.4% in 2019 to 34.2% in 2021. Their share in the UK vinyl market rose even more sharply and in 2021 they represented 39.5% of LP vinyl purchases – Up from 33.9% in 2019.

BPI Insights is based on official charting company data and is from All About the Music 2022 – Edition 43 of the BPI Yearbook, published today.

The strong performance reflects a successful year for independent artists, with 60 independent albums ranked in the top ten (compared to 52 albums in 2020). Includes #1 albums from Wolf AliceMogwai KSI And Noel Gallagher’s high-flying birds. Artists including Central Cee, AJ Tracey and KSI (again) have created hundreds of millions of streams in the UK alone.

Little SimsLP’s Sometimes I May Be An Introvert rewarded the British rapper with her commercial achievements, while KSI and Wolf Alice both recorded their first LPs. Little Simz also won the BRITs Breakthrough award this year.

Independently released albums are also part of boom catalog Thanks to flux and vinyl. Arctic monkeys2013’s release AM (Domino) was the best-selling independent album of 2021, while Adele’s 21 and 25 (XL) both appeared on the best-selling albums of the year. PIAS is the distribution partner for all three catalog titles.

Arctic Monkeys ranks highly in terms of listeners on streaming services (including 25.3 million on Spotify) and singles Want To Know? And why do you only call me when you’re high? (both from AM) collected more than 80 million plays in 2021, according to official charting company data. AM is also in constant demand for the LP and has been placed in the official top 20 vinyl chart for year-end 2021.

It was the biggest new indie release KSI’s second album, All Over The Place1 in July and had sold 98,787 by the end of the year. Each of the top 10 independent albums sold more than 60,000 copies in 2021, and all six newly released albums hit the top 5 weekly, while three albums took first place.

with the Popular Indie LP Released From Wet Leg and upcoming albums from AJ Tracey and DC . fountainsIt appears that the growing momentum will continue.

Jeff Taylor, CEO, BPI, BRIT Awards and Mercury AwardsHe said: “The UK has an enviable independent music scene, fostering selection and diversity for new and existing British talent. This continued growth shows that labels and independent artists are thriving in the era of music streaming, and are particularly successful in the vinyl revival. We are pleased to see the indie music sector go from strength to strength to another, contributing to the growth of the UK music industry as a whole.”

2021 Official Independent Albums Chart Top 10 – Official Charts Corporation

1. Arctic Monkeys / AM (Domino Records)

2. Adele / 25 (XL Records)

3. KSI / All Over The Place (BMG)

4. Central Sea / Wild West

5. Adele / 21 (XL Records)

6. Arctic Monkeys / Whatever People Say I’m (That’s What I’m Not) (Domino Records)

7. Wolf Alice / Blue Weekend (Dirty Hit)

8. Bo Burnham / Inside (songs) (Imperial)

9. The High Flying Birds by Noel Gallagher / Back The Way We Came 1 (Sour Mash)

10. A.J. Tracey/Flu Game (Revenge Chronicles)

The Official Independent Singles Chart Top 10 of 2021 – Official Charts Company

1. KSI / Vacation (BMG)

2. Tom Zanetti / I Don’t Know (SIC)

3. Adele / Someone Like You (XL Records)

4. Cee Central / Commitment Issues (Cee Central)

5. Cee / Loading (Central Cee)

6. Arctic Monkeys / Do I Want to Know (Domino Records)

7. Arctic Monkeys / Why You Only Call Me When You’re Up (Domino Records)

8. Shouse / Love Tonight (Onelove Records)

9. Adele / Rolling In The Deep (XL Records)

10. The Passenger / Let It Go (Nettwerk)

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