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never say never.

New York Yankees right-back Aaron Judge indicated last week that he was not interested in negotiating a contract extension during the season, after turning down a $213.5 million offer from the club ahead of opening day.

However, General Manager Brian Cashman said: WFAN On Monday he left his door open.

Brian Cashman speaking to Judge during the season: “He has an agent, so if they want to be involved, I don’t have any rules preventing me from having a conversation if there is any change in the situation from either side.”

Cashman also said he warned the judge’s clients that he would make the Yankees’ offer public if talks failed. Per WFAN:

“I shared with Aaron’s representatives that if we didn’t come to an agreement we’d share our side of the fence, and they were free to do the same. I can’t speak about his feelings either way, but I’ve been honest both publicly and privately before that.”

That wasn’t all Cashman discussed during his appearance on Cartoons and Roberts.

Brett Gardner

Cashman has hinted that the 14-year MLB veteran could return to the Yankees. Per WFAN:

“He’s been a great Yankee, just been really hard because of the outage, and you’re drinking out of the firehouse when the lockdown is lifted. In the last few years, he’s been someone we’ve been waiting to deal with until the end (off season), and the way it’s been done up until now, it hasn’t been There is a place. … He had a player option of the year, so there was a place. He chose to withdraw, and that set up a course of action on how to start it all. Other transactions affected things in the current timeframe.”

Freddy Freeman And Carlos Correa

Cashman said he did not offer contract offers for the best free agents on the market. per SNY:

“I was getting phone calls from Scott BorrasNot much, but Scott reached out to not only me but all the clubs he thought might be potential. I was aware and shared ownership with the changing world at the time for that particular free agent, along with other free agents who ended up landing deals elsewhere. It just does not fit. “

Charles Beltran and the Houston Astros

The former Yankees player spoke last week about his role in the Houston Astros signal-stealing scandal. However, Cashman does not seem concerned about moving forward with Beltran as an analyst for the YES Network. Per WFAN:

“We’ve had conversations about it ever since, and while I haven’t seen CenterStage where he’s been clear about everything, I’ve heard he’s amazing. He’s very honest, loyal and apologetic for his role, and has been publicly punished for losing his job with the Mets. … Regarding Carlos and others, I have people on the parties in this process reaching out to apologize in person, and take responsibility for the actions involved. I’ve seen how things went publicly, but things were also done privately….in real time, some people reached out to me – some of them were I have relationships with him and others I haven’t – and they did their best to make up with a personal apology. That goes a long way. It doesn’t change what happened, but at least you know that people have admitted wrongdoing and took responsibility honestly and sincerely, and I appreciate those invitations.”

Cashman’s contract

Cashman, like Judge, could be a free agent after this season. But based on what he told WFAN, Cashman doesn’t appear to be concerned about his contract expiring.

“I have work to do as I work to do it, and I will try to do it to the best of my ability: put together a team that the fans will enjoy and the Steinbrenners will be happy with. I haven’t had any negotiations (on a new contract), but usually those negotiations don’t happen until the end of the year. Usually they are That’s how the process works here, with the manager, the general manager and all the staff, and we all know that.”

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