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Fans of music, TV, comic books, and celebrity gossip have plenty to look forward to on this week’s list of talk shows. From the big series back like The best of Saul on demand And blackish To the latest news from Coachella, these are conversations that are sure to turn heads. Read on for the full schedule of the talk show for the week of April 18.

Below you’ll find the full schedule of the network’s major late-night talk shows followed by the biggest daytime talk shows on broadcast TV. As always, these shows showcase the week’s hottest topics – whether they’re showcasing the latest headlines or making brand new ones. With spring TV season buzzing, summer movies dropping, and concert season buzzing, it’s time to browse the latest in entertainment.

Some fans follow the singles closely while others may chase their favorite guests around the schedule. Everything you are looking for is available below. Here’s the full talk show schedule for this week.

NBC late at night

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon:

  • Monday 18th April – Sam Rockwell, Pamela Adlon, Youth Gang
  • Tuesday 19th April – Aaron Paul, Marc Maron, Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Leikeli47
  • Wednesday 20 April – Marlon Wayans, Natasha Lyonne, Dove Cameron
  • Thursday, April 21 – Pusha T.
  • Friday, April 22nd – Betty Gilpin, Justin Sky

Late Night with Seth Meyers:

  • Monday April 18 – Jordan Clipper, Eric Imbrotta
  • Tuesday 19th April – Tina Fey, Craig Robinson, Mark Bernardine, Eric Imbrotta
  • Wednesday 20th April – Kaley Cuoco, Aasif Mandvi, Amyl and the Sniffers
  • Thursday April 21 – Tiffany Haddish & Chloe Sevigny, Show from “The Company”, Eric Imbrotta
  • Friday, April 22nd – Andy Cohen, Jeff Foxworthy, Brooke Colucci

Many fans have been craving something big at the Better Call Saul season premiere since Aaron Paul debuted Tonight Show hours after its broadcast. Meanwhile, fans are thrilled to see screenwriter and podcaster Mark Bernardan join Seth Meyers — likely to discuss the new season of Star Trek: Picard.


CBS late at night

Late Show with Stephen Colbert:

  • Monday 18th April – Julia Roberts, Wilco
  • Tuesday April 19 – Neil deGrasse Tyson, Amy Plotnick
  • Wednesday 20 April – Alexander Skarsgard, Jack White
  • Thursday, April 21 – Jason Bateman, Laura Linney

Late Show with James Corden:

  • Monday, April 18 – Camila Cabello, Daisy Edgar Jones, Pedro Pascal, Tony Cornell
  • TUESDAY, April 19 – Elle Fanning, Anthony Ramos, UPSAHL
  • Wednesday 20 April – Pete Holmes, Lucy Boynton, Jay Jordan
  • Thursday, April 21 – Nicolas Cage, Aaron Paul, Robert Winston

CBS shows may stop late at night on Friday, but they make up for it with a packed schedule the other four days. Fans of the new sitcom on CBS how to get around You’ll definitely want to catch the Holmes house Late Late Show Wednesday night.


Jimmy Kimmel Live!

  • Monday 18th April – Cali Cuoco, Giancarlo Esposito, Orville Beck
  • Tuesday, April 19 – Black-ish staff
  • Wednesday 20th April – Nicolas Cage, Vanessa Bayer, Noah Cyrus
  • Thursday, April 21 – Magic Johnson, Naomi Scott

Jimmy Kimmel He’ll have a little bit of everything on his guest list this week. Fans who are eager to see it The unbearable weight of talent You might expect some crazy soundtracks here or at one of the other shows where Nicolas Cage appears.


Watch what’s happening live

  • Sunday April 17 – Matt Rogers, Karen Hoeger
  • Monday, April 18 – Michael Buble, Camryn Mannheim
  • Tuesday, April 19 – Jackie Goldschneider, Melissa Gorga
  • Wed Apr 20 – Jun Diane Raphael, Brooklyn Decker
  • Thursday, April 21 – Kaley Cuoco, Rosie Perez

Andy Cohen has some A-list names on his show this week, although he usually sticks to reality TV. Members hostess We can expect some serious hype with several Kaley Cuoco talk shows appearing this week.


Presentation and talk

the view:

  • Monday, April 18 – Reboot: Seth Meyers, co-guest Alyssa Farrah Griffin
  • TUESDAY, APRIL 19 – Chelsea Clinton, guest of honor Michele Tafuya
  • WEDNESDAY APRIL 20 – RE-RUN: Matt Damon, Gary White, co-guest Lindsey Granger
  • Thursday, April 21 – RE-RUN: Regina Hall, Mindy Scheier
  • FRIDAY, April 22nd – RE-RUN: Senators Cory Booker, Kevin & Daniel Jonas

the talk:

  • Monday, April 18 – Randy Jackson, Peter Bergman, Susan Walters
  • Tuesday 19th April – Jodi Sweetin
  • WEDNESDAY 20 APRIL – Dolly Hill
  • Thursday April 21 – Brandon Scott Jones, Daniel Pinnock, Roman Zaragoza
  • Friday, April 22nd – Food Face-Off: Burgers

The talk show circle has been missing a major platform this week since then the view Restart appears. But, the talk She has an assortment that can make up for it – and then some.


joint offers

The Ellen DeGeneres Show:

  • Monday, April 18 – Anthony Anderson, Kaitlyn Dever, MUNA
  • Tuesday, April 19 – Michelle Obama
  • Wednesday 20th April – Amy Schumer, Tig Notaro
  • Thursday April 21 – Katie Louise, Tyler Cameron, Simone Piero, guest host Mario Lopez
  • Friday, April 22nd – Jenna Dewan, Jordan Davis, guest host Stephen “tWitch” Boss

Living with Kelly and Ryan:

  • Monday 18th April – Diane Kruger, Quincy Isaiah
  • Tuesday, April 19 – Janelle Mooney, Marlon Wayans
  • Wednesday 20 April – Rosie Perez, Nessie Nash
  • Thursday, April 21 – Alexander Skarsgård
  • Friday, April 22nd – Nathon Fillion

The Ellen DeGeneres Show She has come to the end of her decades long, which makes her worth checking out no matter what the guest list of loyal fans is.


Joint Offers (continued)

The Wendy Williams Show:

  • MONDAY APRIL 18 – RE-RUN: Ja Rule, guests host Remy Ma & Fat Joe
  • Tuesday 19th April – Guest Hosts Sherry Shepherd
  • Wednesday 20th April – Guest Host Sherry Shepherd
  • Thursday, April 21st – Guest of Honor Sherry Shepherd
  • Friday, April 22nd – Guest Host Sherry Shepherd

The Kelly Clarkson Show:

  • Monday 18th April – Mike Epps, Rachel Bloom, Lisa Welshell and Ben Abraham
  • Tuesday April 19th – Josh Brolin, Tony Gonzalez, Sabah Taher
  • Wednesday, April 20 – Jenna Bush Hager, Barbara Bush, Ki-Hui Kwan, Cole Swindell, Laney Wilson
  • Thursday, April 21 – Adam Richman, Davin Joy Randolph, Danielle Curtis, Bonnie Wright
  • Friday, April 22nd – Kelly’s birthday show with surprise guests

Drew Barrymore Show:

  • Monday, April 18th – Garcel Povis, Dana Carvey, David Spade
  • Tuesday 19th April – Claire Foy, Paul Bettany, Alexis Debuchnik, Asif Mandvi
  • Wednesday 20th April – Marie-Louise Parker
  • Thursday, April 21 – Ben Schwartz, Lorena Bobbitt
  • Friday, April 22nd – Neil deGrasse Tyson, June Diane Raphael, Naomi Harris

Wendy Williams herself is still on hiatus, but fan favorite host Sherry Shepherd will be back for most of this week. Meanwhile, Kelly Clarkson has a surprise in store for the Friday episode.


Joint Offers (continued)

Tamron Hall Show:

Monday, April 18 – Michelle Hurd
TUESDAY, APRIL 19 – RE-RUN: Bethenny Frankel, Vivica A. Fox
THURSDAY, APRIL 21 – RE-RUN: Chris Colfer, Jimmy Allen, Quinta Bronson, David Archuleta
FRIDAY, APRIL 22 – RE-RUN: Lauren Ridloff, Misty Copeland, PJ Morton


Monday, April 18 – Jessica Simpson, guest host AJ “Aqua” Johnson
Tuesday 19 April – Mrs. Bate
Wednesday 20 April – b. Scott
Thursday, April 21 – Niecy Nash
Friday, April 22 – Lisaray McCoy, Monique Coleman

Finally, Tamron Hall has restarted for most of this week as well but Real He has an all-star squad in the meantime. Check back next week for the full schedule of the talk show when it’s available.


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