Widow Dwayne Haskins issued the first statement since the death of former football star in the state of Ohio

COLOMBUS, Ohio – Dwayne Haskins’ widow said her late husband’s “rainbow smile touched the diversity of many” in her first public statement since the death of the former Ohio State quarterback last weekend.

Calabria Haskins The statement was released by the Pittsburgh Steelers. Dwayne Haskins was in South Florida working out with other players from the franchise when he was hit by a dump truck while trying to cross I-595. Haskins, 24, died at the scene.

She Haskins in her Calabrian thanks for the support received by the family since the incident. Prayer asked for privacy and continued as they continue to mourning.

The Ohio State specifically stated as part of the heritage of the permanent quarterback. Haskins scored 28 OSU records and seven Big Ten in the 2018 season Heisman Trophy. Hundreds of people protest in the light of candles attended Tuesday night under the Ohio Stadium Hall.

Wrote Calabria Haskins: “We will rest forever remain in our hearts until the end of time.” “Will remain the eternal love is always with us, Ohio State and leaders of Washington and Washington Nation forever! Love my life, forever … Rest in peace beautiful sky!”

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It is not yet known why tried Dwayne Haskins to cross the road fast near Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport early on Saturday morning. The witness said he could Miami TV station called 911 to report a man who is now believed that it was Haskins at risk of being hit by traffic on the highway. I went that call by six minutes Highway Patrol in the state of Florida, he said said Haskins first was hit.

A spokesperson for FHP and UPI said Tuesday that no further information would be released until the investigation was completed, which typically takes about 90 days. A Broward County spokesperson for the UPI’s coroner’s office told the independent investigation office in the Haskins case, “Death is still awaiting toxicology reports.

Here is the full statement from Calabria Haskins as posted through the Steelers PR employee’s account:

Statement from the Calabrian tribe

“I would like to express my most sincere gratitude to every loving spirit who has supported our family through this difficult time of loss. Overwhelming thoughts and prayers have been the fuel for our emotional drain. All of your blessings have been so appreciated and appreciated. The meaningful touches and impact that Dwayne made as husband, son, brother, teammate, and friend He is a timeless treasure ingrained in our hearts.I am truly grateful to everyone who stood by our side as we mourn his untimely passing.Our family begs for your continued prayers, respectful privacy continues as we mourn deeply.

“My husband was more than a wonderful footballer. He had a rainbow smile that touched the diversity of many. He will rest forever and stay in our hearts until the end of time. His eternal love will always be with us, Ohio State and the leaders of Washington and the Washington Nation forever! Love of my life, to Forever… rest in the beautiful peace of heaven!

“We will be holding a celebration of Dwayne’s life on Friday, April 22, at the Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. We invite family, friends, colleagues, coaches, and those who would like to pay their respects to Dwayne to visit from 10 to 11 a.m., followed by a celebration of Life Service from 11 a.m. 1 p.m. “

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